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Taliban is occupying Afghanistan

The Taliban, a terrorist group in Afghanistan, is now occupying the whole Afghanistan. As of today, they occupied 17 provincial capitals, including Afghanistan’s second largest city Kandahar. Taliban are famous for their cruelty and savagery.

Many Afghans ran away from them to the city of Kabul, the capital, and many ran to neighbor countries like Iran. I’ve heard the border guards of Iran accepted the refugees kindly but there’s reports that some soldiers mistreated the refugees and beat them.

Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwary wrote Thursday on Twitter that he had been in frequent communication with terrified city residents, including a shopkeeper called Haji Abdul Hamid.

“People are scared. There is fear. There is chaos in the city,” Abdul Hamid told him. The shopkeeper said he managed to get his family out, but left behind his home and business, fleeing only with some cash and clothing.

It seems that the Afghan army is incapable of defending the country and the people’s forces are not capable of fighting the Taliban. There are horrible news, like women (and underage girls) being forced to marry Taliban forces.

Like always, nobody seems to care about Middle East and no international force is helping the people. United States army, which was there for decades, is now leaving the country and Biden says it’s Afghans job to fight with terrorists. It is true, but surprising that it comes from those who wrecked the country in the first place.

A year and a half since U.S. special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad brokered a peace agreement between the United States and Taliban leaders, there is no peace in Afghanistan and new so-called peace talks are being held in Doha, Qatar. At the talks in Doha, officials issued a statement urging an end to attacks on cities and “reiterated that they will not recognize any government in Afghanistan that is imposed through the use of military force.”

In Washington, the Pentagon announced plans to deploy 3 thousand troops to Kabul airport only to oversee the evacuation of dozens of staff from the U.S. Embassy. But as the Taliban’s military campaign builds momentum, some foreign governments may choose to accept the new reality on the ground and reach their own separate accommodation with the group.

Specially in Iran, Afghanistan’s western neighbor, some are trying to show a different and inaccurate picture of the reality of the Taliban. Many try to portray the Taliban as different from the past and different from the terrorists they are.

Yesterday, Abdolhamid Ismaeelzahi, an Iranian Sunni cleric who is regarded as a “spiritual leader for Iran’s Sunni population”, said Taliban is part of Afghanistan and should be accepted, and that Taliban wants to install real Islam and have god’s victory behind them.

Some journalists also reported that Iran’s government officials asked them to avoid using “savage” and similar terms for Taliban.

The situation is very saddening. Afghanistan needs urgent international action, and the Taliban should be rejected at any cost and never get accepted. No matter how much of the country they occupy, they are a terrorist group and should never be accepted.