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Logic and statistics

As you see in the picture, murder rate in U.S. has a direct relationship with use of the Internet Explorer. Judging based on the picture and stats provided in it, I can assume using Firefox decreases the murder rate in U.S. and is helpful for people’s security and health.

You could say this is bullshit, but I presented stats and you can’t prove what I’m saying is wrong. You may say it’s completely unrelated and there are many many other really influential factors about amount of murder, but I can simply deny all the facts you present and stick with my own stats and judgement.

You can’t convince me, I have the stats, I have all those articles presented with these stats, and I can see the relationship between them. The lack of proper knowledge and reasoning in me will prevent me from having a proper discussion or debate with you.

The problem with many of us who enter endless discussions is that we’re filled with wrong set of ideas about the discussion and the person we’re debating. We don’t accept any fact or idea unless it supports our mindset. We don’t accept anything that may suggest we’re wrong.

We pick sides and we get filled with ideas of people on our side, while we can’t see anything on the other side(s). I don’t know what is that, pride, false confidence, desire for power and dominance, or else, but I can see that in myself and many many other people, and it’s wrong.

Maybe one day we change this, or maybe we don’t. Whatever we do, I’m sure ones we can trust and talk to won’t relate murder rate with Internet Explorer, or maybe they will?