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This is not real [ideology]!

Often when we tell someone that what one is referring to an specific ideology is not correct, they argue that whenever they criticize our ideology, we tell them the same thing: This is not real [ideology]!

That is because we can’t control people. People are free and because of that freedom, they do stuff. One is to talk freely and a consequence of that is that they ca claim they’re followers of an ideology. When the number of those people grow, people naturally see those people as a mirror of what that ideology is.

For example, many people see Stalin and some other dictators as how communism works. Or see crazy anti-men people as feminists, or see nerdy insecure people as computer programmers.

An ideology has specific set of principles and rules. Everyone can claim they’re followers of an ideology but unless you follow those specific principles, you’re not truly that ideologist.

When people tell you they’re follower of an ideology, or when you want to judge an ideology based on those who claim to be its followers, you have to first understand the principles of that ideology and judge whether those people are following those principles.

Yes. Most of the times what you see is not the real and correct implementation of that ideology, simply because the principles of that ideology are ignored. Be smart about this.