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The world is obsessed with U.S. politics and it has the right to!

Someone told me “it’s unhealthy to care too deeply about another country’s politics. I think global communications have created that situation…”

In a perfect a world, that would be true but sadly we’re not there yet. But specifically about U.S. politics, it’s impossible to ignore them. The president of the U.S. is one of the most powerful people in world (if not “the most”) and its parliaments (congress and senate) can pass laws that effect every country in the world.

Living in the Middle East, I learned it the hard way that how much United States’ laws and policies can effect a country. Imposing wars and sanctions and taking sides in political debates and conflicts, United States is for sure the most effective country when it comes to international relations.

Every happening in the U.S., every nationwide protest, every law that get passed, every election, every statement released, every major corporation deciding on something, almost everything political in U.S. will affect the rest of the world.

The world is obsessed with U.S. politics because United States is stupidly a major player in people’s lives. United States can effectively destroy a country or improve it using its financial and military power. We’re obsessed with U.S. politics and we have the right to be obsessed because no matter how wrong it is, U.S. has a role in our future.