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Guns and freedom

Every person should be able to own a gun to be able to fight against tyrannical system. No matter what system people live in currently, it should be their respected right to be able to defend themselves and fight for their freedom, or protect it.

In today’s world, no revolution against tyranny can be succeeded without people being armed. The most powerful force of any government is their army and if people can’t fight it, then they’re just trapped in an illusion of freedom.

Freedom should be taken care of. People can’t just trust a system. If a regime is taking away people’s ability to fight, then it’s just a show of freedom, not a real one. Freedom means nothing if the system can take it away when it wants. Freedom is practical. If you can’t practice it whenever you want or if it can be taken away under some circumstances, then it’s just an illusion.

Firearms, specially automatic ones, should be provided to people. Every person should be in possession of firearms. I don’t advocate for carrying them everywhere and I don’t advocate for being able to shoot someone for many reasons (like trespassing), but if a regime needs guns to enforce its laws on people, people need guns to protect themselves against any law that may be against them.

Guns are important for freedom. Guns protect people.