On 16 January, Facebook announced that it will be “banning ads that promote weapon accessories and protective equipment in the US at least through January 22”.

To those of us who have been observing the world of the Bully-supporting social media, this announcement is a manipulative piece of whitewashing that obscures how Facebook’s algorithms continue to divide people the world over. The Guardian has reported.

This is a disaster. Imagine a supporter of the Bully who thinks his freedom of choice is taken away and the savior (yeah, ridiculous) is now thrown off the power. Imagine how angry that person is and now when the person logs into Facebook, the person sees ads about weapons and self-defense.

Imagine a supporter of the Bully, angry enough to riot to the Capitol, seeing ads about weapons and tactical military-grade stuff.

Roughly four out of five ads shown to my pro-Bully profiles sell tactical gear clearly intended for combat. This is not a new thing – it has been going on since I started looking at these accounts in 2019 June, and it was probably going on much longer than that.

I’m not on Facebook and I have never liked it. I always promote not using Facebook and other centralized monopolies like it. You should avoid it too.

Access to what the company called “our private Chrome APIs” will be blocked starting March 15. Google plans to revoke others’ Chromium-based browsers’ access to a long list of APIs that power such popular services as bookmark and settings synchronization.

“We discovered that some third-party Chromium-based browsers were able to integrate Google features, such as Chrome Sync and Click to Call, that are only intended for Google’s use,” Jochen Eisinger, Chrome engineering director, wrote in a Jan. 15 post to a company blog.

This is good news. I see many people are considering to move to Firefox and Firefox-based browsers which are by and for the people. What Google does with Chromium and Chrome is to force its own preferences as web standards.

However, Firefox is backed by not-for-profit Mozilla and has a mission to bring back the web to people.

I personally use GNU IceCat as my main browser. It’s software libre and focuses on privacy and freedom. No need to mention that IceCat is based on Firefox.

When news agencies and sites reported that Biden won the 2020 presidential election of USA, I wrote that I won’t believe the results to the day Biden takes over the White House.

Today, Biden sworn and took over the White House. The time of the Bully is finally up and it’s a happy moment. As I have said before, I don’t trust Corrupt Joe at all but I don’t think he’s worse than the Bully.

I don’t think there’s much fundamental difference between Corrupt Joe and the Bully but I think Corrupt Joe in the office is much better than a racist fascist like Trump.

I really had hopes for Bernie Sanders but sadly we couldn’t see him in White House and Corrupt Joe nominated for the Democratic Party. I think Bernie could have make fundamental changes in the US’ system for better. I didn’t think he would be a absolute hero as he’s a capitalist after all but I think he is different, really different.

So I just talked about how freedom of speech is for all people, not only those who we agree with and I got attacked by a person who seemed to be opposed to fascism but acted like them. So I just thought maybe it’s good to mention my ideas about freedom of speech and expression again.

I don’t support Gab, I don’t support Parler, I don’t support FreeSpeechExtremist, but I support their right to exist and their right of free speech.

I’m on Todon.eu which is a leftist instance and blocked all those instances but it’s a choice. I should have a choice to block them because I don’t like them and they should have a right to exist and speak freely.

If they are organizing terrorism, etc. well security officers of country can take action but banning them and taking away their right to express their opinions is not OK.

One day, same will happen to us. If we don’t protest what is happening to Parler and right-wing supporters, one day same will happen to us and nobody will support us.

I may disagree with what you say but I’ll fight to death for your right to say what you want to say.

Freedom of speech is not conditional on political view.

This is also a consequence of trusting Amazon and other major tech companies on supporting freedom.

For sure, Amazon didn’t do anything illegal as they have a right to decide what they want to host and what they don’t want.

However, we should be careful about how much powerful Amazon and GMAFIA is. We should be careful about how easily they can impose censorship on people.

I believe Amazon shouldn’t have taken down Parler. They are getting paid and should’ve continue the service to the end of contract.

They could simply not renew the contract after it ends. Not because Parler is a good social network, I believe it’s shit and its users are bunch of idiots but I also believe they are human beings with opinions which I don’t have a right to control.

So fuck Parler, fuck Gab, fuck FreeSpeechExtremist users, but they still have a right to exist and talk freely.

I also fight for fascists’ freedom of speech. I fight against them and I’ll do whatever I can to stop them but I won’t take away their right to speak. I would even fight to pass a law against fascism but their freedom of expressing their political opinion is their basic human right.