One of the problems in the libre community is that some (or many) people still use proprietary and nonfree software while they’re encouraging others to use software libre.

It was few years ago that It’s FOSS reported that Jim Zemlin, the executive director of The Linux Foundation, is not using a [GNU+]Linux desktop and uses Apple’s macOS. This is what I’m talking about.

How can we expect people to use software libre on their computers when some of the key people of libre community are using proprietary software? There’s a lot more than that.

I know many people who are using GNU+Linux desktop and only run software libre programs on their personal computer but also use some proprietary stuff such as Microsoft’s Xbox.

We can’t be software libre advocates and use proprietary software too. If we believe in software lire, we should use software libre always. Software libre is not just about operating sytstems such as GNU or libre kernels such as Linux.

If we believe in a libre community we should avoid proprietary stuff all the time. Liberating our community and devices is not something easy nor cheap. It’s something hard and necessary. We should fight for it and sometime sacrifice some stuff, such as some of our hubbies, to make people believe it can be achieved.

We can achieve complete freedom for our world and software if we all support software libre and libre community and if we avoid proprietary stuff.

Some people say that achieving this goal is far or dreamy. Even if it’s true, it’s not a good reason for us to use proprietary stuff. Being far from our goals only means we should put more effort to it and continue fighting for it.

If a sculptor finds a hard rock, it won’t stop making sculptures. It’ll put more effort and tries more to prepare the hard stone to make a brilliant sculpture.

An Iranian oil industry worker in Iran hanged himself because of poverty. Locals report that he called his boss and told them that he has nothing left to feed his wife and children and after boss rejects his request for his monthly salary, he hangs himself on top of an oil well.

Workers around the world are suffering because of poverty and inequality.The unfair distribution of wealth and corruption causes many lives to be destroyed and many workers to live in poverty and misery.

Hong Kong’s security chief has announced that a dedicated blue pigs unit is being set up and would be ready to enforce controversial new national security laws from day one.

There is widespread international and commercial concern about the impact of the laws that are being imposed on the semi-autonomous region directly by Beijing, bypassing Hong Kong’s legislature. The move has prompted the UK to offer a visa to millions of Hongkongers if they felt uncomfortable staying.

State media said on Thursday that legislators were working “day and night” to draft the legislation.

China is violating human rights, arrests and kills freedom fighters and does everything it wants and there’s still governments that support it. The global community and governments should act immediately to support people of Hong Kong.

Fighting for freedom and justice is not a crime. Our fight goes on.

While the whole world was focusing on how coronavirus affected China, Italy, Iran, United States, etc. Africa was silently being infected with the virus. The Guardian reported that over 200 thousand people are now known to be infected with the virus and more than 5600 people are now dead.

Dr Matshidiso Moeti, the region’s World Health Organisation director, said the virus was spreading from capital cities where it arrived with travellers and that 10 countries were bearing the brunt of Africa’s epidemic, accounting for 75% of confirmed cases and infections. South Africa accounts for a quarter of cases.

“We believe that large numbers of severe cases and deaths are not being missed in Africa,” she said. “One of the biggest challenges in Africa continues be availability of supplies, particularly test kits.”

While people with African ethnicity are being abused and killed by fascist and racist people all around the world, people who live in Africa are now suffering from lack of necessary resources for basic health and medical needs.

I only use software libre. There’s not a single proprietary software on my computers, well except for some nonfree blobs on the Linux kernel on my phone which runs LineageOS. The thing is that some people consider me a software libre or [GNU+]Linux extremist.

Always and only using software libre is not being an extremist. First of all, software libre users and advocates don’t use software libre to oppose other software, we use software libre because it respects us and gives us freedoms.

Using software libre puts your computing in your hand so it’s you that controls the computer. Using proprietary software puts your computer in control of you and your computing.

Secondly, there’s always a software libre to use instead of a nonfree software. There’s a lot of freedom respecting programs to use instead of proprietary software to satisfy your computing needs.

I always use software libre because it’s respecting me. Imagine a person who only has friends who respect that person. Is it being an extremist? Of course not. People won’t call that person an extremist because it has respect for itself.

Using software libre and privacy-respecting services is the same. We’re not extremists because we respect ourselves. Instead of nonfree (free as in freedom) and privacy-violating services, we respect ourselves and use free (as in freedom) and privacy-respecting services.

I agree that only using software libre has its own problems. For example, completely libre operating systems (such as PureOS GNU+Linux distro) may not be compatible with your hardware or not many people may use Mastodon instead of Twitter and Facebook but for us, at least, it doesn’t matter because we respect ourselves more than we feel need for these services.

I may leave the whole digital life one day but as long as I’m living this digital life, I’m living it with respect and freedom for myself and I believe you should too.

If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.

Desmond Tutu

Most people are neutral in situations of injustice. They say that they’re not political or don’t have anything to do with politics. That’s very wrong.

Politics and politicians affect our lives everyday. Everything we do is affected by politics. Information we receive everyday, news we see, our communications, our movies, our belief, etc. are all affected by politicians and politics.

Everything we do has been reviewed by governments once before to examine its consequences. We created governments to be protected, now we have become slaves of governments.

We created governments to be protected and we ended up protecting governments. Don’t be neutral. Being neutral made this situation. We should act.

Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, ordered end to publication of numbers related to coronavirus. The Brazilian government is trying to censor the facts about the coronavirus situation in Brazil.

Bolsonaro ordered to wipe official site of Brazil government for coronavirus clean of swaths of data.

Health ministry insiders told local media the move was ordered by far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, himself – and was met with widespread outrage in Brazil, one of the world’s worst-hit COVID-19 hotspots, with more deaths than Italy and more cases than Russia and the UK.

This is another reason for people to stop trusting governments. Politicians only think about their own benefits. They only care about looking successful. They kill, lie, censor, and act shamelessly.

People, all around the world, are suffering from the terrible situations governments and regimes have made. We should end this. Together we’re stronger.

The Minneapolis city council has pledged to disband the city’s blue pigs department and replace it with a new system of public safety, a historic move that comes as calls to defund law enforcement are sweeping the US.

Speaking at a community rally on Sunday, a veto-proof majority of councilmembers declared their intent to “dismantle” and “abolish” the embattled blue pigs agency responsible for George Floyd’s death – and build an alternative model of community-led safety.

The decision is a direct response to the massive protests that have taken over American cities in the last two weeks, and is a major victory for abolitionist activists who have long fought to disband blue pigs and prisons.

A wise man once said that if you don’t read the newspapers you’re uninformed, if you read them, you’re misinformed. That’s very true. Newspapers and in general news agencies are focusing on speed, not the truth.

They’re in a competition with other news agencies to deliver news, no matter true or fake, as fast as possible. What we need, however, is truth. People will prefer truth over speed.

You may be the last one who delivers news to us but as long as you tell the truth and we know we can trust you, we’ll want news from you.

Journalists and news companies have responsibility over this. They’re responsible for misinformation in the society and they’re responsible for every consequence of spreading news because words effect people and people effect each other.

What we need is truth, not speed.