I’m Ali Reza Hayati /‫‪æ‬‬lI r‫‪ɛ‬‬z‫‪ɒ h‫‪æ‬‬j‫‪‫‪ɑ:‬‬tI/. Social activist, privacy advocate, and software libre adherent.

I’m a privacy activist. I educate people to be able to protect their privacy and I fight for people to be sure their privacy is respected. I encourage people to encrypt everything and not use stuff that violates people’s rights over anonymity.

I’m a software libre adherent. I’m very careful about my computing. I only use software that respects my privacy and gives me control over my computers. I fight for computer user freedom and free (as in freedom) culture. I am also an associate member of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) which promotes and protects computer user freedom.

I’m a cypherpunk too. As a cypherpunk, I highly advocate for widespread use of strong cryptography and privacy-enhancing technologies.

In college, I studied industrial engineering and after that, business management. But later studied computer science/engineering.

I’m a contributor to various libre projects and movements. I’m a proud member of GNU project. I translated Crabgrass, a social networking platform focused on activism. I’m a moderator of GPG Suite, a software that brings GNU Privacy Guard to Apple computers. I am a former member of Fedora advocacy program. I am an associate member of FSF as I said before. I’m also a participant in some GUGs (GNU Users Group).

I’m an independent educator, researcher, entrepreneur, blogger, and activist. I’m currently leading my own technology and software libre company.