A Short Bio

Ali Reza Haytai (pronounced /‫‪æ‬‬lI r‫‪ɛ‬‬z‫‪ɒ h‫‪æ‬‬j‫‪‫‪ɑ:‬‬tI/ 🔊‬‬ – ARH – He) is a social activist and privacy advocate currently based in Iran working to help people learn about their rights in society. He is teaching people how to protect themselves from proprietary software and privacy-violating services. He believes people should be owner of their own information and fights big tech and governments to stop their mass surveillance.

Most of his works are non-for-profit teachings to people to learn about their rights. He writes notes, follows news, helps people understand software, help companies meet the most user-friendly privacy requirements/terms, and some more stuff.


ARH was a founding member of Houp. Houp was a group of technologists, privacy activists, engineers, security specialists, and designers who were interested in a free, secure, privacy-focused, and beautiful worldwide web. He left the group to start researching about users’ rights in online world.

He is also a contributor to software libre communities. He works in many different fields, from translating to writing codes to help software libre communities achieve more. He participated in some famous projects like VLC, Mozilla, Tor Project, and Mastodon.