I’m Ali Reza Hayati /‫‪æ‬‬lI r‫‪ɛ‬‬z‫‪ɒ h‫‪æ‬‬j‫‪‫‪ɑ:‬‬tI/, a libre culture activist, privacy advocate, and independent educator, researcher, entrepreneur, and blogger.

I currently lead/manage my own company which works and promotes software libre. We provide free as in freedom software and services that respects your right over privacy and lets you own your own computer and do your computing the way you want.

In college, I studied industrial engineering. After that, I started studying business management. Then, I went back to major in computer science.

I’m a privacy advocate. I educate people to be able to protect their privacy and I fight for people to be sure their privacy is respected. I encourage people to fight against surveillance capitalism and I help them to ensure they can win their fight against it.

I’m a libre culture and software libre activist. I’m very careful about my computing. I only use software that respects my privacy and gives me control over my computers. I fight for computer user freedom and free (as in freedom) culture. I am a proud part of the GNU Project and I am also an associate member of the Free Software Foundation which promotes computer user freedom.

I’m a cypherpunk too. As a cypherpunk, I highly advocate for widespread use of strong cryptography and privacy-enhancing technologies as a route to social and political change.