Simple and informal bio

I’m Ali Reza Hayati /‫‪æ‬‬lI r‫‪ɛ‬‬z‫‪ɒ h‫‪æ‬‬j‫‪‫‪ɑ:‬‬tI/. Angry guy who is never satisfied with things he has and wants them for everybody too. I was that kid who shared everything with people (except for food).

I’m a software libre adherent and privacy activist so you get what I do and what software I use. When I’m not working, I spend most of my time reading and writing and sometimes I give speeches.

I study and talk about software, digitality, privacy, society, and many other stuff I don’t even recall.

I’m a cypherpunk too. I advocate widespread use of cryptography and encryption and I want to change the world with it.

Serious and formal bio

Ali Reza Hayati is a social activist, privacy advocate, and software libre adherent working to help people learn about their rights in society.

He is an an independent educator, researcher, entrepreneur, blogger, and activist. He currently leads his own technology and software libre company.

In college, he studied industrial engineering and after that, business management. But later studied computer science/engineering, major of science he always was interested in.

Hayati is a contributor to various set of software libre programs, tools, and communities. He only uses software libre and avoids proprietary and privacy-violating services and computers.

ARH was a founding member of Houp. Houp was a technology startup doing business but later became an association of various people doing not-for-profit works to build awareness about the violation of users’ rights. He later left Houp to work independently.

He is an associate member of Free Software Foundation where he helps the foundation to accomplish its global mission to promote computer user freedom. Aside from working in the Free Software Foundation community, he is a participant in activities related to software freedom.

Ali Reza is a moderator of GPG software suit for Apple computers. A free (as in freedom) software suit which brings encryption and privacy tools to Apple computers to help people protect themselves from privacy-invading stuff.

He is also a contributor of Crabgrass software. Crabgrass is software of a social networking platform focused on activism.

Ali Reza is also a former member of Fedora advocacy program where he promoted use of a freedom-respecting GNU+Linux distribution (operating system).

Most of his activities are cultural. He gives speeches and presentations, teaches about software libre concept and user freedom. Since 2012, he participates in various gugs (GNU and Linux Users Group) and promotes computer user and software freedom. He also supports some projects financially such as providing servers and/or maintenance requirements.

As a social activist, he teaches people about the current situation in societies and tries to help them fight against oppression, inequality, discrimination, and injustice. He campaigns against social injustice and modern dictatorships since 2014.

Ali is an independent local reporter/journalist working to spread facts and approved and correct, instead of fast false, news. Mostly about digital rights, civic movements, privacy, digitality, and communities around the world.

As a cypherpunk, he highly advocates for widespread use of strong cryptography and privacy-enhancing technologies. He is an active member of some cypherpunk societies and he teaches people about their privacy and rights over anonymity.