It is as important to follow up on issues as it is to mention them

One of the problems we have about activists is that they don’t follow up on issues. A lot of people are aware of the problems but less and less people are trying to complete a task of problem-solving.

Many people are only listening and collecting some basic information about problems but they mostly get tired of repeated concerns. Because of social networks, people are now used to diverse ‘material’ that expresses things in a completely superficial, raw, and non-specific way. And it is only suitable for entertainment, not informative exchange.

We see less and less people who focus on a problem and try their best to finally solve it. Of course we can’t, nor we have the right, to stop people who want to be active in different fields but without guiding them, the bigger problem still remains.

Many of our audiences are tired of us repeating problems and us to go through one problem after another without actually doing anything about them. Some seem to expect the problems to be solved only by mentioning them.

The thing is that mentioning and talking about a problem is one thing, and actually trying to fix it is another. We can’t fix problems by talking about them. If you talk about math problems a lot, you won’t be a mathematician. The only way to fix those problems is to learn math and actually trying.

However, I should mention that gaining people’s attention about a problem is one way to fix it.

With public knowledge and global attention, we can have the power of people to change something. For example, in the matter of privacy, people’s attention is something that can fix the problem for good. It’s not enough of course but it’s an important precondition.

Anyway, many of us can’t stay active on one thing. We want to have activity and impact on various stuff and it can only, well not only but mostly, lead to being unsuccessful on all of them.

A good journalist is someone who does not give up a story until the whole truth is revealed, not someone who covers 100 different stories. Pick a problem, or even 5 problems if you can, and follow up on those issues till you do something effective, and don’t give up.

We don’t need to be a person who can do a lot of things, we should be a person who does one thing very good.

My opinions will change, and it’s good

Lately, I see many people argue with each other about how people had different opinions in the past and now they have changed. Some people think that because some people had different opinions in the past, they do not have the right to comment on current issues or on the subjects they have changed their ideas about.

This is wrong. People change and that’s a good thing. In fact, if our ideas don’t change then we should check them. It wasn’t long ago that some racist people protested against a black child going to an all-white school. If one of those people comes to a Black Lives Matter protest and fights for black people, should we stop it?

Of course not. People change their opinions. It’s the beauty of an independent person and mind. Of course I believe people should be punished for wrongs they did but that doesn’t mean goods they do are worthless.

A lot of people around the world are under the influence of propaganda and false/fake news. Many still think borders, sexuality, race, skin color, etc. can separate us. It’s not people’s fault as it’s the governments/regimes that do this. What we should fight is propaganda itself. Governments have benefits in separating people and that’s exactly what we should fight.

If they kill us they won’t have any power over us. What they are afraid of is our belief and independence of thoughts. They separate us because they know if we share this independent thoughts, they won’t survive. They separate us because they know together we’re stronger.

Why I blog

This is a response to the blog post by Kev Quirk

I don’t know how many hello worlds I’ve ever had but I know it’s enough to make it hard to count! The reason I have a blog is that I like expressing my point of view. The thing about social networks is that we write for our followers and it’s what I don’t like about it. People with more followers are the ones who feel they own other people and last thing I want as a free human is to be defined by my followers count.

However, in my blog, I’m free to write whatever I want, without fear of being judged or attacked by others. My blog is the place I can write stuff and be sure that nobody has anything to do with it. Unlike social networks, there’s no moderator but me, and there’s no person who I have to care about but me.

I write for myself and people who really think my opinions are worth reading; not for people who followed me just because of a stupid number on their profile/page.