I personally prefer email over other messaging systems. Whenever my computer is on, my email client is open. I usually respond within 24 hours but sometimes it may take a day or two.

If I’m out for more than two days (as planned), you would get an auto-respond saying that I won’t be able to reply. If it’s been more than two days and you didn’t get any message, it’s probably because your message needs more time.

Also, you don’t need to be so polite. A simple ‘hello’ is good enough but even that is not necessary.

If you’re not comfortable with email, you can reach me with Matrix or IRC. I give email messages more priority but I won’t leave Matrix and IRC on read and not-answered.

Email: alireza [at] alirezahayati [period] com (PGP)

It’s best to encrypt your message even if your message is not important. Use my PGP key to do so. Also, you should send me your public key so I can encrypt my messages to you too.

Matrix: @alireza:tchncs.de

With Matrix you can send photos and files as well as text messages. It’s a great messaging system that is decentralized and privacy focused as it provides encryption for messages.

IRC: arh on Freenode and IndyMedia

I really don’t know why would you message me on IRC. I don’t even know why I’m on IRC. What I do know is that IRC is great for texting people and participating in group chats.

Mastodon: @arh@social.tchncs.de

If you want to follow me or have interactions with me on a social network, my Mastodon account is almost the best option. I’m not a very active person on social networks though.

Pixelfed: @arhayati@pixelfed.social

If you want to take a look at photos I share, follow my Pixelfed account. It’s a decentralized photo-sharing site which part of fediverse. It federates with Mastodon so you can follow my Pixelfed page using your Mastodon account.

Other profiles

I also share computer-related links (or sometimes stories/notes) on Lobste.rs. My page locates on lobste.rs/u/arh.

For more community/activism stuff, I use Crabgrass. You can find me on we.riseup.net/arh.