Email Address: alireza [at] hayati [period] xyz.
Encryption Keys: Email / XMPP.
You can also chat with me using DeltaChat. I’m arhayati at systemli period org. Scan this QR code to add me as a contact:

DeltaChat Contact QR Code


If you want to follow me or have interactions with me on a social network, my mastodon account,, is almost the best option.

I’m also on Pixelfed. You can find

You can see my shared notes and/or discussions on my Lobsters profile,

For more community/activism stuff, I use Crabgrass. You can find me on

I also use Keybase to store my PGP keys and/or participate in some communities. It’s a secure messenger but I prefer email and XMPP for messaging people. Find and follow me there.