This page provides information about ARH’s public keys and fingerprints for encryption and/or signing messages. You should check this page before sending any message.
Last update: June 02, 2020.


My PGP full fingerprint is 6ACD 8BF4 4109 E852 96B7 2F20 6118 CCE2 1080 D0E2. Download 0x6118CCE21080D0E2.asc (.txt) to use it.

You can also import my PGP key using your terminal:

You may find keys with my name on some keyservers but the best way to get the real key is to check this page before sending me messages. I’ll always provide my PGP information here, before anywhere else.

There’s no reason to trust this key. Of course, to be really sure which key is mine, you need to get my key fingerprint from me (directly) or follow a chain of signatures. Please be careful about information you send using email messages.

If you don’t know how to encrypt your email, take a look at this page. If you can’t encrypt your email, let Keybase do it for you: keybase.io/encrypt#arhayati. My Keybase profile is on keybase.io/arhayati.


If you want to send me a message using XMPP, please encrypt your messages using OMEMO or PGP. My fingerprints:


  • Desktop: 60cdb3a9 656d4e30 722aa4d3 b897e172 96b608ba c52eb6cd 88b1834e 55607554
  • Mobile: ae29eedf ea4d4722 748b4sbe 9d9c3b06 f3ba78a7 32246a2a c6f35e3b 405bfd70


  • OpenPGP: 34A3 FB22 ED35 6E2A C899 1D2F AFEF ABFB 16EB 41E3 (.asc) (.txt)