Download arh-pubkey.asc (.txt) and use it.

pub rsa4096 2021-03-31 [expires: 2025-06-02]
uid [ultimate] Ali Reza Hayati <>
88A5 BDB7 E07C 39D0 8132 6412 DCB8 F138 B865 1771

Encryption guide

If you don’t know how to encrypt your email, take a look at this page. If you can’t encrypt your email, let Keyoxide do the encryption for you.

Update the key

If you’re sending me an email message after a while, please update the key before using it. They key may get some changes sometimes. For example, some identities may be added or deleted. It is important to update the key before sending email messages.

Updating the key is easy. If you’re using UNIX-like operating systems such as GNU+Linux and macOS, run this command in your terminal:

curl '' | gpg --import

and the key will get updated.

If you’re on Windows, delete my key from your encryption software and then download my key again and add it.


You may find keys under my name on some keyservers but the best way to get the real key is to check this page before sending me messages. I’ll always provide my PGP information here, before anywhere else.

Of course, to be really sure which key is mine, you need to get my key (fingerprint) from me (directly) or follow a chain of signatures. Please be careful about information you send using email messages.

However, you may want to use keyservers:

Last update: 2021 July 03