First of all, I respect people’s choice of their gender. If a person asks me to call that person he or she or anything else, I’ll do that. I believe one should have freedom to choose one’s gender as we all are free beings. I respect all genders and I refuse to accept the belief that only two genders exist.

Now, if one doesn’t express one’s choice of gender, I’ll use “perse” and “one” as a pronoun. I usually try to put my words in sentences in a way to avoid being forced to use any gender-specific pronoun.

However, I only use genderless pronouns for general writing and speaking. When I talk about a specific person, such as Persian poet Hafez, I use a gender-specific pronoun, in case of Hafez, he.

For example, instead of saying “if government threatens someone’s freedom, he should be able to defend himself” I say “if government threatens someone’s freedom, one should be able to defend one’s freedom”.

If you see any problem with it or have any ideas, please do contact me.