Encryption keys


Download arh-pubkey.asc (.txt) and use it. It is signed by my previous key.

pub   rsa4096/C315DDEFE5B8934E 2022-01-05
uid                           Ali Reza Hayati <arh@alirezahayati.com>
uid                           Ali Reza Hayati <arh@gnu.org>
uid                           Ali Reza Hayati <alirezahayati@riseup.net>
sub   rsa4096/B0CE6CBBFF5BE23C 2022-01-05

My key is also available on OpenPGP.org keyserver. If you don’t want to use a keyserver (like me), use this command to directly import the key to your system:

curl 'https://alirezahayati.com/files/keys/arh-pubkey.asc' | gpg --import

If you don’t know how to encrypt your email, take a look at this page. If you can’t encrypt your email, let Keyoxide do the encryption for you.