It seems that Google wants to make using app bundles a requirement for new apps on Google Play in 2021.

This would mean developers have to upload their signing keys to Google Play even though there’s no technical benefit in doing that. You can achieve the same efficient download sizes by using bundletool locally and uploading all generated APKs. But it seems Google will stop allowing that and just wants your signing keys.

Since I changed my opinion about “Black Lives Matter”, I learned more about the movement. I realized that most black activists are not fighting for equal rights, they’re fighting for civil rights.

Their first goal is to be considered as civil persons. There are a lot of racist people in world and some of them are dangerous. An example is the blue pigs who killed George Floyd. Many black people are only fighting for their rights to survive and this is a disaster.

We should be ashamed of this situation.

Thousands of anti-racist dockworkers have shut down a port in Oakland as workers with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union went on strike at 29 ports along the West Coast of the United States to protest against racist police violence and exploitation.

“⁠The people of this country demand an end to the racist violence that claimed the lives of brother George Floyd and so many others! The fight against racist terror has been going on for centuries. It is time for organized labor to join the struggle!”.

Some people in United States have taken down some statues of slave owners and so-called masters in Washington, D.C. and some other cities. I believe there’s no any good point in having them. Protesters have set them on fire and I’m really glad this happened as it can be a symbol of people’s anger about racism and racist people.

I also believe nobody should harm a racist person and the only good way is to talk to them and educate them and if it wasn’t enough, then leaving them. If they have no harm, then leaving them is not a bad idea. However, harm is not only physical. If a person harms another person, it should be punished, of course in a proper way.

We should respect human liberties and rights no matter people are offensive or harmful to us. Punishment is not against human rights but we should not punish people in a way that it violates their rights or it insult humanity.

On 2000 December 04, the United Nations General Assembly in Resolution 55/76 decided that, from 2000 June 20 would be celebrated as World Refugee Day. In this resolution, the General Assembly noted that 2001 marked the 50th anniversary of the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. It is commemorated to honor all refugees, raise awareness and solicit support.

African Refugee Day had been formally celebrated in several countries prior to 2000. The UN noted that the Organization of African Unity (OAU) had agreed to have International Refugee Day coincide with Africa Refugee Day on June 20.

Each year on June 20 the United Nations, United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and countless civic groups around the world host World Refugee Day events in order to draw the public’s attention to the millions of refugees and Internally displaced persons worldwide who have been forced to flee their homes due to war, conflict and persecution.

The annual commemoration is marked by a variety of events in more than 100 countries, involving government officials, humanitarian aid workers, celebrities, civilians and the forcibly displaced themselves.

Many countries, specially European countries and Australia, are facing refugees crisis and instead of helping people, they have decided to get involved in killing them. The close borders and there’s a lot of reports that these countries have left alone many refugees or keep them homeless to die.

Just in April 2000, five boats carrying approximately 2000 migrants to Europe sank in the Mediterranean Sea, with the combined death toll estimated at more than 1200 people.

What threatens us today is fear.

Not the atom bomb, nor even fear of it, because if the atom bomb fell on Oxford tonight, all it could do would be to kill us, which is nothing, since in doing that, it would have robbed itself of its only power over us — which is fear of it, the being afraid of it.

Our danger is not that. Our danger is in the forces of the world today which are trying to use man’s fear to rob him of his individuality, his soul, trying to reduce him to an unthinking mass by fear and bribery — giving him free food which he has not earned, easy and valueless money which he has not worked for.

That is what we must resist, if we are to change the world for man’s peace and security.

It is not men in the mass who can and will save Man; it is Man himself, created in the image of God so that he shall have the power and the will to choose right from wrong, and so be able to save himself because he is worth saving.

Man, the individual men and women, who will refuse always to be tricked or frightened or bribed into surrendering, not just the right but the duty too, to choose between justice and injustice, courage and cowardice, sacrifice and greed, pity and self — who will believe always not only in the right of man to be free of injustice and rapacity and deception, but the duty and responsibility of man to see that justice and truth and pity and compassion are done.

So never be afraid.

Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion, against injustice and lying and greed.

If you, not just you in this room tonight but in all the thousands of other rooms like this one about the world today and tomorrow and next week, will do this, not as a class or classes, but as but individuals, men and women, you will change the earth.

In one generation, all the Napoleons and Hitlers and Caesars and Mussolinis and Stalins, and all the other tyrants who want power and aggrandizement, and all the simple politicians and time-servers who themselves are merely baffled or ignorant or afraid, who have used, or are using, or hope to use, man’s fear and greed for man’s enslavement, will have vanished from the face of it.