Apple encrypts your data but Apple also can easily look at your files and information, exactly like FBI, CIA, NSA, and other agencies. Apple can look at your photos, read your private notes, save a copy of your messages and chats, and follow up your communications easily.

Apple does encrypt your data but only with its own private key. Your sensitive data are not encrypted with your key. It means whoever encrypts the data (in this case, Apple) can also decrypt them.

Apple is very proud of its privacy and advertises a lot about it but what Apple doesn’t explain about this encryption, is how it works.

Apple dances around the encryption saying that your data are encrypted “in transit” and “on server” but this encryption is as unacceptable as Zoom’s, Facebook’s, or Google’s encryption.

While ago, Zoom announced that it’s going to encrypt users’ data “end-to-end” only for paying users and a lot of people complained about it. If what Zoom does is wrong, so is Apple.

iCloud and our device backups hold a lot more of our sensitive, private data than our video calls do, and over much a longer time span.

Zoom doesn’t end-to-end encrypt the contents of individual calls. Apple fails to end-to-end encrypt your entire device backup (on by default!), which contains your complete message history for every single iMessage and SMS conversation you have ever had on the device, without time limitation.

There’s a huge concern about recent protests around the world and coronavirus. More than 6.5 million cases of coronavirus are reported and United States has the most cases. Near 2 million people are affected in USA and with current protests regarding the murder of George Floyd, a black human being, by blue pigs there’s a concern that it can lead to more people being affected.

I believe people should not stop protests but they should keep distance with each other in the streets but if you feel your life is in danger or you have symptoms of the virus, please avoid participating in the protests.

Wearing medical/hygienic gloves and mask can help you be safer but it doesn’t make you completely safe.

Our fight goes on but to fight, we need people so put your health first.

The International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression is a United Nations observance each 4 June. It was established on 19 August 1982.

Originally focused on victims of the 1982 Lebanon War, its purpose expanded to “acknowledge the pain suffered by children throughout the world who are the victims of physical, mental and emotional abuse. This day affirms the UN’s commitment to protect the rights of children.”

The General Assembly, having considered the question of Palestine at its resumed seventh emergency special session, “appalled at the great number of innocent Palestinian and Lebanese children victims of Israel’s acts of aggression” decided to commemorate 4 June of each year as the International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression. 31st plenary meeting 19 August 1982.

If you see child abuse or aggression against any child, please call your local child support center, police station, or social worker. Also, there’s a helpful article on Medical News Today.

I should somehow apologies for one of my previous notes, “It’s Human Rights“. I still believe in what I said but my point was not completely correct.

When we say black lives matter, it doesn’t mean that other lives doesn’t matter. It simply means there’s more discrimination and injustice towards black human beings.

Imagine a group of people sitting on a table to eat. Everybody gets a plate of food except Tom. Tom says “I’m hungry too. I deserve food too” and someone responds “We all are hungry. We all deserve food.” It’s correct but it doesn’t change the fact that Tom doesn’t have food.

We’re all sitting on a table with our plates full of food and we shout that we all deserve food but shouting it doesn’t change the fact that Tom is still hungry.

Do all lives matter? Yes but saying it doesn’t change the fact that black lives haven’t mattered for years.

Fascist people like the bully are now trying to censor the voice of ANTIFA. Only fascist people can be feel endangered by a anti-fascist movement.

Being silent about the bully’s effort to make ANTIFA a terrorist organization is not acceptable at all. It’s one of steps of the corrupt system of the USA to violate human rights and censor free speech.

The bully is trying to make himself a new dictator. His acts and speeches are obvious violations of human rights.

Just today, blue pigs fired tear gas against the protesters in front of the White House so the bully can go to church and take a picture. All these are signs for us to continue our fight against these people.

If we stop, the system gains more power to suppress us. Being silent leads to systematic fascism. Indifference leads to more corruption. Our fight goes on.

When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

Sinclair Lewis

Prehistoric GNU

I explained about how software libre is about freedom and not price and how the term free software can be confusing. To avoid this confusion some people use the term open source instead of software libre.

I think it’s safe to say that the term open source is more popular (in public) than the term software libre but they’re not the same.

Open source also gives people some freedoms but open source misses the point of software libre. Most open source licenses are also approved by FSF as software libre licenses but in general, you should be careful when a software is considered open source because it can be proprietary.

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I know a lot of hackers. I, myself, am a hacker but being a hacker doesn’t just mean infiltrating other people’s systems. If you do hacks, you’re a hacker.

For example, few years ago when I was backpacking I had trouble opening a glass of pickles. What I did was to use a spoon to lower the pressure between the lid and the glass and when the compressed air was released, I opened it.

That was a hack. A simple hack to open a glass. Hacking doesn’t just mean sabotaging or entering security holes.

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There’s nearly 4 billion people in the world that are connected to the internet. Near half of the earth’s population right now. Internet has become something very important in our lives. Almost all data and information we use is transferred via internet.

Right now, free flow of information depends on internet and internet has been of the most important tools to protect free speech and human rights. Censoring internet or putting limitations on its connectivity is for sure a violation of freedom of speech.

Some governments like Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, etc. censor internet a lot. During protests in Kashmir, Indian government blocked internet access. Good internet connectivity, right now, is almost impossible in Kashmir and it’s very hard for journalists and people to report about the situation there.

During the latest protests in Iran, same thing happened and internet was down for near a month and people were unable to report their situation to anyone. This is a thing that should never happen again.

Governments like India can run a genocide. Same thing happened in Burma against Muslims and because of lack of connectivity to internet, nobody knew about it for a long time and even after world found out about it, the Burma’s government denied everything and tried to censor news and information about it.

We should find a way to provide a service (internet) that can’t be censored or limited. Protectors of human rights and governments that pretend that they value human rights should try to provide unlimited and not-censored internet to ensure that people can talk freely and report violations on human rights all around the world.

I almost always call “free software”, “software libre” to avoid misunderstanding between price and freedom. Whenever I say free software, I should explain to people that by free software, I mean a software that respects freedom.

Free software is different with freeware. When we say free software, we mean free as in freedom. That’s why I call it software libre. But there’s still some questions for people.

One of the questions people ask me is that if a software is libre, how can we make money from it? My answer is always simple and short. You can make money from software libre the way you make money from proprietary software.

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Two days ago, Palmer Luckey reported on Twitter that Google (YouTube) is deleting his comments about a Chinese propaganda.

YouTube has deleted every comment I ever made about the Wumao (五毛), an internet propaganda division of the Chinese Communist Party. Who at Google decided to censor American comments on American videos hosted in America by an American platform that is already banned in China?

Palmer Luckey

Ninja Logic, another user, also replied that Google (YouTube) also deletes entire chat if you send certain words.

YouTube will also delete the ENTIRE chat replay from a livestream if a single person types the phrase 共匪, 五毛, or any of the other blacklisted terms critical of the CCP. Might be disruptive if people typed these phrases en masse in all the popular stream chats.

Might be disruptive if people typed these phrases en masse in all the popular stream chats.

Ninja Logic on Twitter

This is internet censorship. Lots of Hong Kong people are now protesting against Chinese government because of discrimination and inequality. Hong Kong people are fighting for justice and what Google is doing is helping Chinese government suppress these protests.

YouTube is one of the platforms for sharing videos and increase public information about protests and human rights and Chinese government is violating this right with the help of Google.

This is not acceptable. America claims to be the leader of free world and yet its corporations are violating human rights every day.

What’s the Solution?

This is just another reason for us to migrate to software libre. Software libre protects people from these stuff. By using software libre, you’ll be sure that your freedom and rights are respected and if violation happens, you can simply make your own platform with your own rules.

Software libre makes sure you have essential freedoms of software therefore it can be used to protect your freedom when you’re fighting like Hong Kong people.

If you’re in touch with any Hong Kong person protester, please let it know about software libre alternatives such as Peertube. It’ll help them talk freely.

We stand with you Hong Kong. Long live liberty.