There’s an update to this post.

I decided to take some distance from social networks. I’m feeling that social networks are taking too much of our lives and make us more dependable on people’s acceptance. Social networks are generally running on numbers and I’m not OK with that.

Number of followers, following, date of registration, etc. are some stupid factors that are somehow important for many people and I’m very uncomfortable with this.

So I decided to take some distance from them and only use them once in a while, not everyday. To do so, I deleted the Tusky app from my phone, which I used to send toots to my Mastodon account, and I also deleted apps I had on my desktop computer.

Now, only way I can be active is to use the web-based application they have. I’m expecting that this makes me think less about social networks and make me less active on them.

This way I can focus on my blog and make it my personal and ultimate home on internet and web, which I believe is much better. I won’t delete my accounts as I think they are not inherently bad, but somehow can and may have bad effect on me.

Blog Day (sometimes stylized as 3l0g Day) is an unofficial holiday celebrated by bloggers across the world on August 31. It was first marked in 2005.

The date of August 31 was chosen because 3108 (31st day of the 8th month) can be read as “blog”. The concept of the holiday is quite simple. On this day, bloggers are encouraged to recommend five blogs they consider interesting. A recommendation should contain a short description and a link to the recommended blog.

It is suggested that bloggers recommend blogs that are different from their own attitude, point of view and/or culture, because Blog Day is all about diversity! It is also important to notify the bloggers you’ve recommended and congratulate them on the holiday.

Sadly, Blog Day has not gained considerable popularity in the blogosphere.

If you don’t write a blog, start right now and join us. A blog doesn’t need to be technical or about a specific category/subject. You can use you blog to express your opinions or just to communicate with people, they way social networks can’t do. For many years, I’ve been writing different blogs and I have an amazing experience, you should experience it too.

Mobile ads

Ad-blockers are technically filters. Just like how your email system or software filters spam email messages and only gives you the necessary ones, ad-blockers only give you the content you’re looking for, not the ads. But, something many people don’t know about is that ad-blockers don’t block all ads.

Ad-blockers are actually blocking those ads that violate your privacy and/or freedom. Well of course not all ad-blockers act like this but most famous ones only block trackers.

Web trackers are files and codes which try to follow (track) you online and build a profile upon your activity to show you more relevant (to your personality) ads. For example, if you start searching for a penguin using Google, after a while, you’ll see ads about penguins. Or start searching for a red scarf, and then penguins, you probably will see ads about a penguin wearing a red scarf!

Now, should we block ads?

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The Register reported that Facebook is going to get a seat at at Linux Foundation after Facebook Open Source group signed themselves as platinum member. “Facebook’s open-source group has been a long-time member of the Foundation, but has now decided a top-tier platinum membership is its best option. Doing so sees it join the likes of Google, Huawei, IBM, Microsoft, and Intel.” The Register wrote in its article.

However it’s good news, we should worry too. Tech giants are famous for using software libre for their benefit (which has no problem of course) but in proprietary software which violates people’s digital rights and software freedom.

Facebook contributes to many free (as in freedom) projects such as React JS and the Open Compute Project. Also, In a blog post announcing the membership, the Linux Foundation commended a number of Facebook projects that “leverage open source to unlock the potential of open innovation”.

This includes Facebook Connectivity, which, together with the open-source Telecom Infra Project Foundation, aims to bring fast, reliable internet to remote areas of the world.

What’s sad is that tech giants, specially GMAFIA and its friends focus and advertise about “open source” and “Linux” instead of software libre. I explained before that however most open source software are libre but open source and software libre are different.

If Facebook, and other digital rights and software freedom-violating companies, really believe in an open and free society and digital world, they can support Free Software Foundation and promote software freedom.

100 days ago, I joined a challenge started by Kev Quirk, named 100 Days to Offload. The rationale behind the whole thing is to challenge people to publish 100 posts on their personal blog in a year. That’s approximately 1 post every 3.5 days. Well, at first, it was to post 100 posts everyday for 100 days.

The point of #100DaysToOffload is to be a relaxing and cathartic experience. Not a worrisome affair where you’re thinking of things to write all the time. For me, that wasn’t a worrisome at all. I always wanted something to force me write about stuff I’m concerned about and 100 Days to Offload was the exact challenge I needed.

During this period, I wrote about everything. From problems and injustices we see in society to my concerns about technology and software freedom. Now that it’s over, I don’t think I’ll write everyday but I’ll keep updating this blog and writing about stuff for sure.

Writing gave me ability to express myself and my ideas over stuff and also to help people learn something. For 100 days, I felt a duty and a mission to talk about stuff and to help people learn about stuff. The most amazing thing that happened to me during this period was that I learned a lot of stuff.

I learned about many different things that I wasn’t even aware of. For example, I always believed that “All Lives Matter” is a better movement to join and I learned that I was wrong. I never thought Black Lives Matter movement is telling people that black people are superior but I thought why shouldn’t we campaign for all people who are facing injustice? I learned Black Lives Matter is important as black people are facing a lot of injustice. We shouldn’t be sad that some people don’t have a movement, we should be happy that those people don’t need a movement.

I learned about some technical stuff too. During these days, I thought and learned a lot about the concept of a good technology/software company and I’m now focused on founding my own company with some of the greatest people I know.

I learned about justice, equality, freedom, principles of life, people, and many other things. I now understand why writers love their job this much. I love it too. 100 Days to Offload challenge is now done for me but I would not stop writing.

I felt a lot of joy. I felt life. I felt anger, happiness, disappointment, joy, and a lot of other emotions that I have never felt before. It was one of the experiences I would love to have again.

One thing I don’t understand is people’s behavior in social media. First of all, when did we start calling social networking sites and apps “social media”? Like, that’s not media I’m active on. Of course I share media but that’s a network rather than media. yeah I get it all of these are media but still, nevermind.

I have a lot of problems with this social networks. I mean I’m OK with sitting in a cafe and suddenly a person comes and talks to me then somebody else mentions a thing and we make a social group. No matter that’s temporary or permanent, that’s nice. However, what I see in online social networks, say like Twitter, is misery.

People’s interactions are now boosting (retweeting) and liking comments. Everywhere we sit there are people taking photos from their food and rating restaurants and checking-in in squares. In most fun places, we see sad, tired, sick, and dead (not physically) people looking at their phones being active in their so-called social media not having fun but pretending.

I have a lot of problems. When did we start needing followers? When following people became a thing? I follow a bunch of people that’s not basically bad but what I have problem with is needing and craving for followers. What I don’t understand is showing a relationship or endorsement or likes by following people.

I don’t need my friends following me. If one of my friends unfollows me, I wouldn’t break my friendship with that person. I understand how simple it is. If a person doesn’t like what I’m saying or sharing, that person should be able to stop interacting with me.

Since when do we need followers? How a number on our profile online shows our personality or whether we’re good or bad or right or wrong? How can we be hurt by having less followers than others? Why we need to have less following than followers to have dignity or self confidence?

Another thing I have problem with is liking. Why there’s no social network that doesn’t have a like button? Why we can’t simply agree or disagree by talking? I would really appreciate if someone comments on my blog post and tells me that that person disagrees.

How liking a post shows agreement? I never like any post on social networks because I hate it. I hate showing my interest by clicking on a button. What’s wrong with mentioning people and talking? What happened to people being able to respond?

There are social networks that let you disable commenting; why there’s not social networks that lets you disable liking? Talk to me. If you do like it, write it down and tell your reason. Even write your own experience and story about it. I hate getting likes. I hate getting boosted. What I like is to see you write your own experience about stuff I said.

No. I’m not interested in you because you had more followers than following or your toots (tweets in Mastodon) get hundreds of likes and boosts. I’m following you and I’m interested in you because you have experienced life and career and a lot of other things and I found them interesting.

Another thing I have problem is messaging apps. Since when WhatsApp and Telegram and Signal became our standard messaging system? What happened to emailing people? Why are you giving me you Telegram phone number instead of a professional or personal email address? Why do I have to install an app to be able to communicate with people?

Back in the days, we did everything with our emails. Even for planning stuff. We weren’t scheduling a party or a meeting on a group chat on a messaging app, we would create a mailing list, private or public, and discuss it there and everybody were happy.

Another thing I have problem with is having social profiles instead of a website or a weblog. Now everybody has a Twitter or Mastodon or Facebook. Even those who have websites just put links to their social networking profiles. You open their website and it’s like here’s my Twitter, here’s my GitHub, here’s my Instagram, don’t bother me, bye.

What’s wrong with people? I miss those days when it was fun to open a personal webpage of somebody and surf it. I miss those days that we would create special pages for stuff. People were enjoying their lives before social networks. We would take pictures of our trip and even if we wanted to share them, we would create a post or a page.

Now everybody has a Medium account. Even our weblogs are now in social networking sites. Social network for photos, social network for statuses, social networks for code, social network for weblogs, social network if you read a book.

Why we don’t read books? The hell happened to reading books? Now we get every information from BBC or Fox News for retarded people or CNN for those who believe Biden really likes them. When did we stop reading books or going to a library? I’m OK with reading news, I read news, but that’s not where you learn stuff. You learn by reading and experimenting.

Another thing I have problem with is talking. Why we can’t talk to each other anymore? Why people think me not agreeing with their view means that I have a personal issue with them? I don’t even know you and you have no impact on my life. I do care if you’re violated or abused or hurt because you’re a human being but those are serious stuff.

Why are you boosting/retweeting stuff you don’t agree and make more people see that? Why can’t we comment or mention stuff like normal human beings. What’s different on online social networks than non-digital networks? Why people get offended or hurt because we don’t agree with them?

Me telling you that your belief about flat earth is stupid, is because your belief about flat earth is stupid. I don’t care if you were graduated from Harvard or you employ 300 people. And I don’t have any personal issue with you whatsoever. Let’s say if you get hurt and some random other person gets hurt, I would do everything I can for both of you equally.

Lots of problems. Why do people share everything? Getting on the plane, getting off the plane. Going to a party, coming back from a party. Eating food, going out, having a date, taking a shower, having a new job, quitting a job. People share everything. Have a little privacy. I don’t care if you’re hungry, get some food instead of writing about it.

Another thing that I have problem with is craving for acceptance and being right. Why can’t we apologize? Why can’t we be wrong? I’ve been wrong in many things in my life, so were you. What happened to accepting our mistakes and moving on to fix them? Why do we argue when we know we’re wrong? Nobody ever said oh that person just apologized that guy has no dignity. have you ever heard such stupid thing?

Accept your mistakes. Don’t block people because they proved you wrong and you didn’t want to be seen as a person who has mistakes. You’re not a god. Everybody makes mistakes and you’re not an exception. Accept your mistakes so we know you’re reasonable human being.