Israeli apartheid

Many people think of Israel and Palestine as two countries at war; with Israel, a state for Jewish people, occupying Palestine, where Palestinians live.

The truth is both Israeli Jews and Palestinians live all over the territory, ruled by one government and one army based on the idea of advancing the supremacy and domination of one group of people of Jews and that is what guides its policies and its practices towards Palestinians. In other words: Apartheid.

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News agencies lie to us

Look at this New York Times title: “Eviction in Jerusalem Become Focus of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”; and then the text goes on like this: “The effort to evict six Arab families from a contested neighborhood has drawn attention to the Israeli effort to remove Palestinians from parts of East Jerusalem and led to protests.”

Now what is really happening is Palestinians are being forced out of their homes, where they were living forever. The effort to ethnically cleans Palestinians from their homes has drawn attention to the Israeli crimes to remove Palestinians from parts of East Jerusalem and led to protests, where Israeli forces started to oppress them.

If you’re not writing the truth about crimes against humanity, you’re culpable in them. News agencies lie, for their own benefit. This benefit can be support for their political side, gaining attention and support from those in power, or even get paid for lying.

News agencies are our sources for truth, sadly. But happily, every political side, every ideology has its own news agencies and journalists so by following different sources and different people, by comparing what they say and by searching for truth, we can be a little sure that we receive the correct news and understand what is really happening, instead of being manipulated by those in power.

Iranian scientist assassinated in ‘possibly state-sponsored’ terrorist attack

The Guardian has reported that Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iranian nuclear scientist, was ambushed with explosives and machine gun fire in the town of Absard, 70km east of Tehran. Efforts to resuscitate him in hospital failed. His bodyguard and family members were also wounded.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but the Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, said Israel was probably to blame, and an adviser to Iran’s supreme leader, vowed retaliation. “We will strike as thunder at the killers of this oppressed martyr and will make them regret their action,” tweeted Hossein Dehghan.

There is no evidence of a role for Israel in this attack, but it is highly unlikely that anyone other than Israel ordered or planned this terrorist attack.

This is an obvious violation of international laws. A state-sponsored terrorism encourages other countries to get involved in such actions and with that, world will be in absolute chaos.

It is not the first attack on Iranian scientists. Not even first that one balming Israel. This terror attack is only the last on long list of attacks blamed on Israel.

Ardeshir Hosseinpour, Masoud Alimohammadi, Majid Shahriari, Fereydoon Abbasi, Darioush Rezaeinejad, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan are other Iranian nuclear scientists that are assassinated, all believed in Israeli-sponsored terrorist attacks.

Israeli blue pigs left 73 Palestinians homeless

The Guardian has reported that Israeli blue pigs have left 73 people, including 41 children, homeless in the largest forced displacement incident for years.

The original report is from the United Nations. Excavators escorted by military vehicles were filmed approaching Khirbet Humsa and proceeding to flatten or smash up tents, shacks, animal shelters, toilets and solar panels.

“These are some of the most vulnerable communities in the West Bank,” said Yvonne Helle, the UN humanitarian coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory.

I still can’t understand how UN can’t tell its official member to stop these inhumane actions. Many countries including U.S. are supporting Israel and all these supports are helping Israel to continue these actions.

Israel claims that its the only democracy in the area (Middle East) but they are rather the biggest apartheid and fascist state in the region. Countries should stop supporting Israel unless they respect all humans and this should include giving back Palestinian lands.

Zoom doesn’t tolerate free speech

While ago, The Verge has reported that Zoom has canceled a webinar due to be held at San Francisco State University this Wednesday featuring Leila Khaled, a member of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine who took part in two plane hijackings in 1969 and 1970. YouTube and Facebook also intervened to stop the talk.

The meeting was canceled under the pressure of Israeli and Jewish lobby groups including Lawfare Project. Sadly, they are powerful enough to affect free speech in a company based in United States, a country which refer to itself as land of freedom and (ridiculously) the greatest democracy in world.

Now, after that happened, some activists decided to gather and discuss “censorship by Zoom” and in a completely predictable event, this meeting was also canceled by Zoom.

I’m not shocked at all. No matter where you are or who you are, if you threaten these companies’ benefits, they will do anything to stop you and that includes violating your basic human rights.

I’m disappointed in the event organizers who decided to use Zoom for this gathering when they undoubtedly knew Zoom censors everything that doesn’t meet its interests.

There is a great free software to use instead of Zoom named Jitsi which respects humans and is controlled by individuals who host events not a corporation.

Portland blue pigs targeted medics

Blue pigs in Portland, Oregon, specifically targeted medics with teargas and projectiles during summer protests in “indiscriminate attacks”, according to a new report by Physicians for Human Rights (PHR).

Blue pigs also kept ambulances away from the injured people at the protest. This is what Israeli soldiers do to injured Palestinians, and on a number of occasions has resulted in their death.

The study is based on interviews and medical examinations involving health professionals, volunteer medics and emergency services personnel. It also found Portland blue pigs and fire personnel did not provide on-site medical care for injured protesters, and prevented ambulances from accessing the area of protests.

The PHR described an overall pattern that constituted “cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment” from Portland blue pigs and federal pigs, violating several international compacts on the use of force.

Israeli prison ban on phone calls

The +972 Magazine has reported that Israel claims incarcerated Palestinian children pose a threat to national security just like adults — and therefore can’t contact their families.

Ahmad Sabri, a 17-year-old Palestinian from the West Bank town of Qalqilya, has been incarcerated in Israel’s Megiddo Prison since March 2019. Since the coronavirus crisis began earlier this year, Sabri, a “security prisoner,” has been subjected to restrictions that bar him from making phone calls or receiving visits from lawyers and family members.

Last October, Sabri petitioned the Nazareth District Court asking that he be allowed to make phone calls to his family, with the same rights as criminal prisoners. But the court rejected the petition, claiming that the “temporary regulations” enacted due to the pandemic already allow minors to call their families under supervision.

The court added that the Israel Prison Service (IPS) is preparing to conduct a pilot program that allows minors to make phone calls in prisons different from the one Sabri is incarcerated in. That program was initiated in response to a hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners last year, which compelled the IPS to install public phones in security wings and allow up to three phone calls for each prisoner per week, for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Palestinian security prisoners in Israel, and minors in particular, are suffering from deteriorating conditions as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Without phone calls and visits, these prisoners have been cut off from the world for months — with no end in sight. As of August, there were 140 Palestinian minors in Israeli prisons, according to the rights group Addameer.

Facebook being pressured to tag criticism of Israel

Facebook is being pressured to tag criticism of Israel automatically as “anti-Semitism.”

The objective is to force Facebook to alter its hate speech definition so that its own “detection algorithm” will characterize any criticism of Israel as hate speech and automatically remove the pertinent content from the platform.

The change Facebook recently made, which recognizes the claiming that Jews secretly rule the world as anti-Semitism, is correct. That conspiracy theory is antisemitic, however, it is not criticism of Israel’s occupation and colonization of Palestine.

ACT.IL established an army of trolls and then developed an app whose role is to render the trolls’ work more effective. The idea behind the app, Act.IL’s founder Yarden Ben-Yosef explained, was simple:

“Companies, such as Facebook, remove content following reports from the community. If there is only one person reporting it, he usually gets told by Facebook the content doesn’t meet the criteria for removal. If 300 report it—the content is removed immediately. As soon as content inciting against Israel is posted online, we send a message through the app and all of its subscribers immediately report it.”

While the establishment of a trolling army to stifle criticism of Israel might already seem pernicious, a slew of right-wing Zionist organizations have recently come up with an even more pernicious strategy, and, if successful, all content critical of Israel will be removed from Facebook and other social media platforms without the intervention of a single troll.

Dangers of Zoom

In 1969, Leila Khaled hijacked her first airliner, commandeering TWA flight 870 and becoming the first woman to hijack an airplane. The hijacking was undertaken in support of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, an organization designated as a foreign terrorist organization by the U.S. Department of State in 1997.

Today, a half century later, two faculty members at San Francisco State University had planned to host — via Zoom — a “roundtable conversation” and “Q&A discussion” with Khaled, described as a “Palestinian feminist, militant, and leader.” Critics of the event, however, argued that the discussion would be unlawful, even criminal. The planned discussion was condemned by dozens of pro-Israel organizations, including the Zionist Organization of America, which urged that the “program be cancelled immediately, since a violent terrorist has nothing of value to offer your students.”

Yesterday, Zoom refused to allow the university to use its service for the discussion — a cancellation praised by FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr, who said there was no “need to hear both sides.” It is not yet clear whether the organizers of the event will switch to another channel of communication.

Source: FIRE