Israeli parliament votes down bill that guarantees equality for Palestinian-Israelis

The London pan-Arab daily al-Quds al-Arabi (Arab Jerusalem) reports that the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, voted down a proposed basic law introduced by Yousef Jabareen on behalf of the Joint List. It aimed at altering the constitutional basis of the Israeli state, requiring democratic principles, cultural pluralism, and complete equality for all citizen on both civil and national levels.

During the past year, the Knesset has shot down numerous proposals to amend the National Law to forbid discrimination against non-Jews.

What follows is a paraphrase of the article with a few comments by me. One comment by me to begin with: Israel has all along had a choice between being a democratic state for all its citizens or being an ethno-nationalist oligarchy with second-class citizens at home and Apartheid subjects in the West Bank. This is not the first Knesset vote to demonstrate forcefully that the Israeli majority wants the latter.

The bill aimed at providing existential and democratic human rights, especially complete equality and the recognition of the Palestinian-Israeli ethnic identity. Israelis of Palestinian heritage comprise about 21% of Israel’s citizen population.

The Knesset roundly rejected the bill, with both the Likud-led far-right coalition of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Blue and White bloc of his foreign minister and sometime rival, Benny Gantz, voting against it.

Israel – UAE contract signed

It’s very sad to see UAE, an Arab country, signed a relationship normalization contract. It’s sad to see an Arabic country is trying to make relationship with an apartheid, racist, and human rights-violator state such as Israel instead of helping Palestinians taking back their rightful land.

I always support peace and I am against killing people, no matter what the situation is, but this contract only powers Israel to put more force on Palestinians. Israel has shown world that it doesn’t want nor tolerates an Palestinian country/state where Palestinians and people are in power, no matter what their religion is.

It wasn’t long ago that Israel publicly announced that it’s a Jewish state and showed how it supports fascism and apartheid and violates human rights.

It’s a really sad day for Palestinians and all humans, as we are one step close to more murder of Palestinians. UAE, Bahrain, USA, and Israel are four sides of this contract. They should be ashamed.

Israeli planes bomb Gaza for seventh straight night

Al Jazeera reported that for seventh night straight, Israeli war planes bombed Gaza. “Fighter jets and [other] aircraft struck underground infrastructures belonging to Hamas in the Gaza Strip,” an Israeli military statement said, linking the attack to “explosive and arson balloons launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel”.

Gaza security sources and witnesses said Tuesday’s raids hit Hamas lookout posts at Rafah in the south of the territory and Beit Lahia in the north.

I hope no innocent person is killed. Israel is an apartheid and human rights-violating regime. Many innocent people have been murdered by Israeli soldiers during years and with US support, Israel seems to not have a plan to stop its activities.

Israel and UAE announce normalization of relations

Al Jazeera has reported that Israel and United Arab Emirates reached a “historic” deal that is expected to lead to “full normalisation of relations” in an agreement that United States President Donald Trump helped broker.

“Under the deal, Israel will suspend applying sovereignty to areas of the West Bank that it had been discussing annexing.” —Aljazeera

However it’s really good news that Israel will stop annexing West Bank, the whole thing can’t be good. It’s sad.

Normalization of relations means that UAE, and now probably some other countries in Middle East can become partners of Israel and it’s awful. Israel is an apartheid regime which reportedly and repeatedly has killed innocent people and took over Palestinian lands illegally.

Normalization of relations can help Israel to commit more crimes against people. A very sad day for humanitarians.

Thousands of Israelis protested against Netanyahu

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets outside Benjamin Netanyahu’s house over the weekend in what appeared to be the largest protest to date calling for the embattled Israeli prime minister to resign.

They have protested against his career of corruption and for reopening Israel to the coronavirus. As some of his supporters occasionally launch violence the protesters, he accused the opposition of inciting violence, which is his standard way: lying.

NSO Group pitched its spyware to the Secret Service

Westbridge Technologies, an American-branch of Israeli surveillance firm NSO Group, pitched its phone cracking product to the U.S. Secret Service, according to emails obtained by Motherboard.

The news provides more insight into NSO’s attempted expansion into the United States, following similar attempts with city police departments. The emails also show Westbridge was trying to pitch NSO’s phone cracking technology to U.S. agencies more recently than previously known; this time, some of the emails date from 2018.

“No requirement to be in proximity to the target, or conduct forensics. The owner of the device is NOT aware he is vulnerable,” an email sent to the Secret Service reads. The sender’s name is redacted, but their title is listed as President of Compass Stratagem LLC, a company based in Texas.

According to LinkedIn and other online records, the company’s President is James Rose, a former senior Army intelligence official. The emails appear to show Compass Stratagem pitching the phone cracking technology on Westbridge’s behalf. Rose did not respond to a request for comment.

The subject line of the email reads, “Vendor Meeting Request Westbridge Technologies.” Motherboard obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to the Secret Service.

Westbridge has a phone cracking product called Phantom, according to a brochure obtained by Motherboard. A former NSO employee previously said that Phantom was “a brand name for U.S. territory,” but the “same Pegasus,” referring to NSO’s Pegasus malware product.

Israelis block entrance to parliament amid intense protests

Dozens of Israeli demonstrators have chained themselves together and briefly blocked the entrance to parliament.

After a night of intense protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government, dozens of Israeli demonstrators chained themselves together and briefly blocked the entrance to parliament on Wednesday morning.

Police arrested four and broke up the gathering, which was called to protest an upcoming vote to grant the government sweeping authority to bypass parliament in enacting measures to combat the rapid spread of the coronavirus. But it came amid a fresh outpouring of discontent with Netanyahu.

Protests outside Netanyahu’s residence have become a weekly occurrence, with police increasingly taking harsher measures against demonstrators. Last month, they arrested a retired Israeli air force general, setting off an uproar.

The protests have since drawn a younger crowd and have grown more defiant. In the past week, thousands of Israelis have participated in some of the largest demonstrations in nearly a decade against the long-time prime minister, as public discontent bubbled over. Netanyahu has come under growing criticism for holding office while on trial for corruption, pushing for seemingly anti-democratic measures under the guise of combating the virus and mismanaging the country’s deepening economic crisis.

On Tuesday night, a large coalition of protest groups combined to march through the streets of Jerusalem from Netanyahu’s official residence to the Knesset, Israel’s parliament. They beat drums, banged on pots and blared on trumpets while calling for the prime minister’s resignation and holding banners reading, “the Israeli spring is here.”

Quoted from ABC News.

Israel has become an occupier and apartheid state

Update: I wrote a somehow complete article about how Israel is an apartheid state.

Since 1946, Israel has started to occupy Palestinian lands. As Israel prepares to illegally annex the occupied West Bank on July 1, we should remember the historical injustice perpetrated against Palestinians and the violent displacement they have been the victim of.

Israel has become an apartheid state. Israeli government and military forces are making a country not for humans but for certain people. They discriminate between humans based on race, language and religion.

Sadly, a lot of governments are supporting this regime and it leads to more discrimination and more injustice.