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Anti-Vaxxers Are Protesting Against COVID-19 Vaccine

There’s still no vaccine for coronavirus (COVID-19) but stupid anti-vaxxers are protesting against it. If you know any anti-vaxxer, please explain how vaccines work and if they still don’t accept the good in vaccines, please try to avoid them as much as you can.

Anti-vaxxers can be very dangerous to your health specially when it comes to vaccinating people against the coronavirus. There’s also this note on The Guardian.

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Stop Filtering Domain Names for Email Messages

One of my problems with services that require invitation or entering your email address in any way is that some of these services filter acceptable domain names. Some of them only accept emails from Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo (plus AOL) and that’s a problem for people like me who don’t use these email services for privacy reasons.

I opened an email account on ProtonMail but some of those services didn’t even accept ProtonMail, one of the most famous secure email services. Service providers should stop filtering domain names and email providers.


Domain Change Notice

Howdy. I changed my main domain to Previous domain,, now redirects to If you gave a link to this site or saved a note, please fix the URL change.

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Solar Opposites

I’ve been watching Solar Opposites series and the second episode (season 1) mentions privacy in funny ways. You probably should watch it.


I Moved to WordPress

Thanks to great server, my weblog is now being published using WordPress. I couldn’t move everything here for now but I’m doing my best. URLs are changed and pages are not accessible the way they used to but it’s not hard to find what you want.

Currently I miss IndieWeb Webring which will be available again soon and I need to fix some metadata issues but everything else is working fine.


I’m Looking for Someone Who Can Host a WordPress Website

UPDATE: I Moved to WordPress

Since few years ago, I’m building my blogs using Jekyll static site generator. Now, after some years, I’m deciding to move to a WordPress blog as I travel a lot and I want to be able to update my blog using different devices. As I explained on some toots, I can’t pay for a service based outside of Iran as my homeland is under heavy sanctions from U.S. and its allies. We can’t even open a bank account outside of Iran.

I don’t want to use a hosting service based in Iran as all of the providers have to follow rules/laws and it can be led to closing my blog if I write something that the government doesn’t like. I’m searching for someone or a foundation that can provide a host that I can install WordPress on and connect my domains to it.

My current website is kindly hosted by amazing Autistici/Inventati and they’re privacy-focused and use software libre. It’s important to that the hosting service uses software libre and doesn’t violate people’s rights about privacy.

If you’re interested in helping me, please drop me a message.