Often when companies and some authorities talk about privacy, they start bringing “data protection” in discussion which means nothing than violating people’s privacy in a nicer way.

Data protection means the company or authority can actually collect data and use them but it can’t share or sell it to others, well at least publicly. This is exactly the way Apple advertises about its privacy policies.

Even many privacy activists are promoting Apple because of its privacy policies while Apple is in fact one of the biggest violators of people’s privacy. For example, it wasn’t a long ago that we found out Apple was (or maybe still is) letting contractors (actual humans, not even bots) to listen to people’s conversations with Siri.

Privacy comes when there’s no identifiable personal data involved. A company promising that it won’t jeopardize our privacy is not enough for people. We need mechanisms and products that will protect our privacy and it comes only when they don’t collect our data.

Well of course some products only work with our data. For example, a mobile phone map application for routing only works when we give it our location. Well, as far as I know, data can be purged or even be collected in a way that no personally identifiable data would be stored or transmitted.

We have a lot of services like EteSync that provide what they intend to provide and they actually work with very personal data. EteSync for example is a service that syncs your contacts and calendar but encrypts all data in a way that nobody except you yourself can see them.

This is what we want as a privacy service/product. If a corporation like Google follow policies like ‘data protection’, they would still violate our privacy while deceiving us about how they value our rights.

We need privacy, not data protection. Nobody should have access to our data to whether they want to protect it or not.

Google announced that its Google Photos unlimited plan will end on 2021 June 01 and free (as in cost) users will be limited to 15 gigs.

After years of advertisements over this dis-service and after millions of people trusted Google and uploaded millions of photos on it, now Google decided to shut down the free unlimited plan and make money over users’ trust.

Please avoid using any of Google’s products. For a complete Cloud solution, you can use Nextcloud or other software-libre.

There are a lot of things wrong with Google including privacy and freedom.

Amazon is now facing a prosecution in Europe as it is keeping track of other companies’ sales though Amazon’s platform and uses these data to compete with them.

This is not shocking nor new. Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission’s vice-president, said the commission’s preliminary conclusion was that Amazon used “big data” to illegally distort competition in France and Germany, the biggest online retail markets in Europe.

EU also decided to open a second investigation into Amazon’s business “over concerns that the Seattle-based company set rules on its platform to benefit its own offers and those independent retailers using its logistics and delivery services.”

EU should not only be content with fines, well unless the fines are billions. EU should force appropriate laws on these companies to be sure other companies, that are not as big as Amazon, won’t get hurt again and if they do get hurt, their losses will be compensated.

The Danish government has dropped an attempt to pass emergency legislation allowing it to cull all mink in the country, The Guardian has reported.

While ago, Denmark government announced that it will cull 15 million (or all) of its minks due to fear of COVID-19 mutation moving from minks to human could jeopardize COVID-19 vaccine.

But opposition to the move swiftly emerged. “Massive doubts over whether this cull is properly scientifically based [have] come to light now,” said Jakob Ellemann-Jensen, the leader of Denmark’s largest opposition party, Venstre. “At the same time the government is taking away the livelihood of a large number of people without actually having the legal rights to do so.”

I see a lot of people talking about the Bully being censored or limited. Many believe the Bully’s freedom of speech is being violated by Twitter and Facebook.

I couldn’t find any news or evidence of this happening. What i could find was a series of warnings on his tweets that warned readers that he may have said stuff that are not true or very controversial. I don’t think that is a violation of free speech.

He, eventually, said what he wanted to say and has not been oppressed. However, Twitter and Facebook have deleted posts before. This should not happen for anybody, not even the Bully.

I hate to say that what Facebook and Twitter did is not illegal. When someone joins these networks, that person agrees to their terms. Unlike libre decentralized social networks, Twitter and Facebook are centralized and monopolized.

Real freedom comes when people are in control not some giant tech corporation.

Al Jazeera has reported that Armenia and Azerbaijan signed peace agreement to end six weeks of fierce fighting. Armenia and Azerbaijan have a history of wars for the Artsakh region.

Under the agreement, Russian peacekeepers are being deployed along the front line in Nagorno-Karabakh and the corridor between the region and Armenia.

While Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan described the development as “unspeakably painful” in an emotional Facebook post, Azeri President Ilham Aliyev celebrated, tweeting: “This is a historic day, An end is being put to the Armenia-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.”

Aliyev said Turkey will also take part in the peace-keeping process.

I hope that peace will last and that no more human beings will be killed. However, I can not be optimistic about the peace that Turkey and Russia guarantee.

I believe people of Artsakh and governments of Armenia and Azerbaijan should sit to speak for a lasting peace for the benefit of humanity and democracy. No other country should have a saying in this.

Beebom has reported that new app published by Google lets banks lock your Android device if you don’t make payments! Such a ridicule.

Spotted by the folks at XDA Developers, the Device Lock Controller app from Google lets financers of smartphones remotely lock an Android device. It uses the DeviceAdminService API in the Android system and enables banks and financiers to lock significant functionalities of your Android device if you fail to make your monthly payment.

With the device locked, users will be able to access very limited functions in their smartphones. These include emergency calls, incoming and select outgoing calls, settings, and backup and restore service.

Now, surprisingly, the “Device Lock Controller” app does not appear when you search for it on the Google Play Store and nor does it appear in the list of apps made by Google. So, XDA executives reached out to Google for clarification about this.

So, according to Google, the app was developed by them in partnership with a Kenyan carrier, Safaricom. A spokesperson from Google told XDA that the app was developed to help Safaricom with their new “Lipa Mdogo Mdogo” (Pay Bit by Bit) financing plan which lets customers get an Android Go device with monthly financing.

However, if the customer could not pay an installment after four days of its due date, Safaricom locks the device with this Google app. That’s one way of using brute force to make users pay their EMIs on time.

Reuters has reported that hundreds of people were reportedly detained in Minsk on Sunday in the latest anti-government protests since a disputed August election returned Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko to power, again.

There are videos showing thugs chasing protesters with batons and taking them away in vehicles. In one shopping center, thugs locked the doors and began spot searches of customers, looking for opposition banners and other materials. Thugs also stopped and searched cars.

The Viasna Human Rights Center, which is not registered in Belarus, said around 360 people had been detained.

The situation won’t remain the same. Belarus’ dictator will eventually leave the power and get punished for all lives he had taken and all injustice he has done. People will win this fight and will get back power.

More than 50 million and 500 thousand people are now infected by coronavirus and more than 1.25 million people are dead. These numbers are official tested stats not the real statistics.

The real number is much higher than this. Please be careful and follow the healthcare laws. This is a deadly virus and there’s no vaccine for it yet. No medication works on it and people are highly at risk of getting infected by even a simple handshake.

Please wear a mask, use gloves, don’t touch your face, keep at least 2 meters of distance from other people, wash your hands regularly, and use sanitizer for disinfection.

Please be very careful. Even if you don’t show symptoms of the virus, you still have a chance of being infected and because you are a carrier of this disease, make others sick and endanger their lives.

Al Jazeera has reported that United Arab Emirates is going to make fundamental changes to its Islamic personal laws.

The United Arab Emirates has announced that it will lift some restrictions on personal freedoms, including the consumption of alcohol and cohabitation without marriage, and that honor killings will be criminalized following a fundamental review of the country’s Islamic law.

The announced amendments do not specify the type of punishment for these murders, but emphasize that the criminalization of these murders is done with the aim of “protecting women’s rights.”

According to Al-Jazeera news network, under the new laws, citizens aged 21 and over can sell or consume alcohol, and the laws on fines and penalties for drinking will be repealed.

Under the new law, unmarried couples can live together, and that’s no longer crime.

These legal reforms are part of efforts to improve the legislative and investment situation in this Persian Gulf country.

These are wonderful. UAE is trying to be a modern country that values individual liberties and human rights. Along with Saudi Arabia, UAE is doing some great changes and improvements.

Sadly, the human rights situation is not yet good and needs a lot of cultural and educational works. People are raised with these laws and the country needs to educate people about the new laws. However, people not being educated enough should not be a reason to stop this improvements.