A civilian police review board confirmed Tuesday it is investigating allegations that Chicago blue thugs serving a search warrant last year barged into the wrong home and handcuffed a naked woman who lived there, NBC Chicago has reported.

The allegations were included in reports in Chicago late last year, but surfaced more recently as videos of the 2019 February 19 incident that Anjanette Young obtained as part of her lawsuit against the city were released.

Very nice, very nice. Storming into a wrong house and arresting a wrong person. Couldn’t even be bothered to show her the paper work or explain what they were doing there, smashed their way in.

Is this what U.S. trying to export to other countries? Is this what U.S. trying to achieve in Middle East?

Various Google products, including Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Calendar are facing global outage. Any service that requires a Google Account to enable features is currently down.

Google products outage picture

This is a good reason and example to get away from Google and move to a decentralized libre service such as Nextcloud. Using a libre decentralized platform prevents this kind of outages.

A decentralized service can be down too but unlike Google stuff (and similar products), if an instance goes down, only people on that instance will be affected, not the whole network.

For example, more than 2 billion people use G Suite, which includes Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Hangouts, etc. and with this outage, all of them are unable to use these products.

But a decentralized service doesn’t affect 2 billion people at once. People use different instances on different servers and many of them can continue using their services.

And also, a decentralized libre service gives you ability to choose the server you want to run the service on, along with the option to use instances running by other people. This way, you can make sure the server won’t surprise you or put you in trouble.

Move to decentralized libre services so you don’t face outages and responsibilities like this again.

One thing that drives me crazy is that it is assumed that everyone has one of those surveillance machines named mobile phone. Many online products or even offline ones are asking for a mobile phone number that receives text messages and can be used for digital communication therefore surveillance.

And most of those services, products, or places don’t work or compute when one does not have that machine.

In a result of that, now many people have a mobile phone carrying around. Simply because life is now dependent on this machine, people are facing this kind of surveillance.

We worry about GMAFIA and their friends putting us under their surveillance domain but many don’t even think about surveillance using sim cards or cellular data.

Many of us simply don’t have a choice. You see, if we don’t carry a mobile phone with us, life becomes almost impossible so we decide (or forced) to have one. Now, the bigger injustice, the bigger problem is that many companies are now selling a small computer as a mobile phone and they name it smart phones.

Smart phones are simply computers in a smaller form. Our desktop computer can do many things but this kind of computers, named smart phones, give us ability to do our computing and at the same time have a cellular connection and use it as a phone.

What makes it not good is that almost all of these smart phones are running nonfree software. A free (as in freedom) software (or software libre) lets you to be in control of your own computing. A libre program does what you want, however, a nonfree program forces you to do what it wants.

Being forced to have a mobile phone to be able to live your normal life is injustice and being forced to own a so-called smart phone makes it worse. One should be able to live one’s life without being forced to be under surveillance. One should be able to receive services without one’s privacy and freedom (both digital and non-digital) being violated. One should be able to live without this injustice being forced to one.

Ruhollah Zam, convicted of fomenting violence during the 2017 anti-government protests, hanged early on Saturday morning, Al Jazeera has reported.

The Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Tehran announced: “At dawn today, 2020 December 12, the death sentence of Ruhollah Zam, the founder and manager of Amadnews, was carried out and he was “hanged”.

A spokesman for the Judiciary of Iran announced on Tuesday, December 10, that the death sentence of Ruhollah Zam, the director of the Amnnews Telegram channel, had been upheld by the Supreme Court.

“Spying for France and Israel” were among allegations, but Zam has denied all allegations, saying he was only a journalist.

In July of this year, Mohammad Ali Zam, Ruhollah Zam’s father, called the death sentence by the Revolutionary Court “illegal” and declared that his son had been deprived of “his most basic rights” during the trial.

I’ve always said that execution is an inhumane sentence and should be illegal. Execution, for whatever reason or crime, is murder and injustice. Nothing good comes out of it. If execution was a solution, we wouldn’t have any crime nowadays.

This was a sad day. Two people in United States and one in Iran lost their lives. And worse than that, there are several people waiting for their death sentence to be excecuted around the world and this brutal and inhumane sentence continues to be held. A truly sad day.

If Facebook was around around 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads and various posts on his ‘solution’ to the ‘Jewish problem’. If Facebook were around during 1940s, Facebook would allow Germany to publish videos and posts of their propaganda freely, claiming that world leaders engage in discourse with each other, as well as their constituents on their platform.

Happily, Facebook were not present during that time and Hitler is dead. However, we have the Bully now. We have many dictators, fascists, neo-Nazis, racists, discriminators and their supporters present at the time who use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to promote their corruption and their disgusting views.

We see they support and help regimes like China. They help censorship and they follow orders to suppress views. They don’t have problem with racism, as long as it doesn’t hurt their benefit.

We see Google is helping censorship against Uighurs. We see TikTok is censoring critics. We see Apple and Amazon helping dictators against people. There are thousands of cases like these.

This is what we’re facing. A corrupt company that values benefit more than anything, even human beings. They put on masks and pretend to be a friend while behind the mask is their ugly face trying to take away whatever you have and exchange them with money and more corrupt power.

Two people have been executed within nearly 24 hours. These were the ninth and 10th people executed since the Justice Department resumed federal executions in May 2019, CNN has reported.

Alfred Bourgeois was executed the day after Brandon Bernard. Bernard’s death sentence was criticized by celebrities and politicians who fought until the end to halt the execution.

Bernard’s case became a high-profile clemency campaign that advocates say highlights major issues within the justice system. The cases were among the last that were quickly scheduled by the Bully administration. Bernard and Bourgeois were two of four Black men scheduled to die by lethal injection during the Bully administration’s final days in the office.

A very sad day. Execution, for whatever reason, is inhumane and against human rights. No person, for whatever crime, no person deserves to lose life. Execution doesn’t solve anything. Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, have been executed in history and we still have murder, theft, and other crimes. If execution was the solution, we wouldn’t have any crime right now.

There’s something wrong with the justice system and it should be fixed, immediately. No other person should be executed. The justice system were supposed to bring justice, not horror and murder. Execution is murder, no matter what reason is behind it.

The Federal Trade Commission has filed a new antitrust lawsuit against Facebook claiming that it behaved in a monopolizing manner, TechCrunch has reported.

According to the report, both the FTC and various attorneys general have filed two individual but similar suits at the federal and state levels regarding the same matter.

Both allege that Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram fall under monopolizing and anti-competitive behavior by effectively shutting down nascent competitors, and that the tech and social media giant used it platform to prevent the growth of emerging companies by leveraging access to it.

This would somehow increase competition and also reduce Facebook’s power/position for lobbying and it’s good. However, to make Facebook respect people and other companies, we should take away their surveillance power and make them respect people’s privacy and freedom.

Several protesters have been occupying a street in Portland, Oregon, surrounded by makeshift barriers, in an effort to keep a Black and Indigenous family from being evicted from the home they have lived in for 65 years, The Guardian has reported.

The home, known as the Red House, sits in a historically Black residential neighborhood that has since gentrified. It has been the site of protests for several months, after a judge authorized the Kinney family’s eviction in September.

All the other residents have been already pushed out. I don’t know if this happening to a black family is a coincidence but if it’s not, people should keep the protest going on against systematic racism too.

But the situation came to a head early Tuesday morning, when Michael “Philo” Kinney, who currently lives at the house, said he was woken up to law enforcement agents using a battering ram on the door.

Kinney told the Guardian that he was charged with trespassing and held by police for several hours. But by the time he returned, protesters had pushed law enforcement away from the house.

The Guardian has reported that the bank of HSBC is freezing accounts of Hong Kong people and companies that supported freedom and democracy movements.

Hong Kong blue thugs have raided a church, just hours after its pastor said HSBC had frozen bank accounts belonging to him, his wife and the church’s charity.

Hong Kong blue thugs arrested eight more opposition figures on Tuesday as their crackdown on dissent in the city continued.

In an open letter to HSBC and its executives, the Good Neighbour North District church urged the bank to unfreeze the accounts of pastor Chan, his wife and the church’s charity. The church said the HSBC accounts were their only accounts, and their freezing would lead to the termination of its hostel services for homeless people in Hong Kong.

On Tuesday afternoon, Chan revealed he and his family had left Hong Kong and were in the UK on what he termed a “sabbatical”. In a Facebook video he said the family now had no financial support and returning to Hong Kong seemed impossible.

Chan said the public donations to the church were legal, but did not say if there was any investigation ongoing. He said HSBC had become “a tool for the regime’s attempt to take political revenge via economic oppression”.

“All dissenting voices, despite their peaceful and rational expressions, are disallowed,” he said, and called on people “protect the core values of Hong Kong and voice your concerns over the regime’s attempt to manoeuvre private properties”.

Timnit Gebru says she was fired after sending an internal email that accused Google of “silencing marginalized voices”, according to a report by BBC.

Timnit Gebru studies the effects of AI systems. After she refused to retract a paper by order of management, she got fired. The paper draws negative conclusions about Google’s textual machine learning.

Hundreds of colleagues have signed a letter accusing the search giant of racism and censorship, while Twitter users have rallied around Gebru using the hashtag #BelieveBlackWomen.

I don’t think Google fired her because of her skin color, race, or gender; rather fired her to suppress the truth about its technologies. Gebru is a well-respected researcher in the field of ethics and the use of artificial intelligence.

She is well-known for her work on racial bias in technology such as facial recognition, and has criticized systems that fail to recognize black faces.