I prefer email over other messaging systems. Whenever my computer is on, my email client is open. I usually respond within 24 hours but sometimes it may take a day or two.

My email address is arh at alirezahayati period com. You should know that email is not a secure way of communication. It can have a relatively good privacy but it’s never perfect; so don’t send sensitive information over email.

It’s best to encrypt your message even if your message is not sensitive. Use my PGP key to do so. Also, you should send me your public key so I can encrypt my messages to you too.

You can subscribe to this blog using my blog’s feed. If you don’t know what is a blog feed, you can read this post which explains RSS and Atom (which are the same thing!).

Why I’m not answering your email?

If I have not yet answered your email, it’s perhaps because not enough time have been passed and I’ve not yet read your email. I have a very busy inbox and managing email messages and answering them with meaningful responses may be sometimes quite difficult. Also, sometimes I don’t have access to my personal computers and it takes some time for me to catch up on emails. However, three other reasons are possible:

  1. I have missed your message!
  2. I have answered your message but you didn’t receive it!
  3. I have answered your message but your system decided it’s not interesting for you to read it!

If you believe I have missed your message, please simply send a reminder. It would be awesome if you could reply the reminder to your first email message so it makes it easier for me to find out about the the previous messages. However, please wait at least three days before sending a reminder.

Sometimes my messages don’t reach to the recipients. Sometimes when I send some email messages, they bounce back. I’ve experienced it when one time I was sending an email message to a friend who were using Gmail. I don’t recommend Gmail or other data-harvesting email providers. This is one reason. I often resend the email message and it usually works the second time I try but failure is still possible.

I’ve been told that some email providers consider my emails spam. I’ve never sent any spam messages but some silo email providers have weird and complicated spam filters who usually treat independent emailers unfairly. Please do check your spam/junk folder to see if my messages were sent there. And consider clicking on “not spam” button (or whatever button there’s there) but I don’t have any hope for these providers to actually do something positive and fix their spam filters.

Some guides

Send your messages in plain text. Don’t send HTML messages. If you send me a link to your message, I won’t open it. Please don’t send files I haven’t asked for. I won’t open any file unless I’ve asked for it.

You don’t need to be so polite, I follow Crocker’s rules. I appreciate your politeness but I prefer if you just optimize your messages for information, not being nice to me. I will always be polite to you and following Crocker’s rules doesn’t mean I’m gonna be rude, it just mean that I don’t get offended easily, certainly not by you giving me most information and less time-taking useless words.

Don’t be shy to ask me a for a favor, if you need anything and feel I can do it for you, ask me. I’ll say no if I can’t do it or I just don’t want to.

If you want to comment on a post, send me the link of the post so I can understand what you’re talking about. Please note that my opinions have changed many times, and will change again in future, that happens when you’re growing up.

Don’t ask for personally identifiable data of me or anybody else.