Nextcloud is even better than Google Drive

It’s not a long time that I’ve been using Nextcloud. Before that, I had to host everything locally on encrypted drives. Google Drive (and apps) were available all the time but I didn’t want to use them because not swimming at all is much better than swimming in pool full of shit.

The situation remained the same until I found out about Nextcloud. Nextcloud is a complete solution for people like me who are careful about the software they use and how their privacy is affected.

Nextcloud is a suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services. Nextcloud is free and open-source, which means that anyone is allowed to install and operate it on their own private server devices. It means you’re not forced to use the service provided from someone else; you can host your own service to make your own rules.

How It Functions?

Nextcloud functions like Dropbox, Office 365 or Google Drive. The difference is it can be hosted on home-local computers too. For example, you can run an instance on an unused computer and create users for your family to make it a central server for sharing and keeping stuff and by connecting it to internet, you can make it available from all around the world.

What Services Are Provided?

But the thing about Nextcloud is not just about self-hosting. As I said before, Nextcloud is a complete solution for your cloud service. Nextcloud gives you the ability to install apps on it. Nextcloud can host your files, contacts, notes, tasks, office files, RSS feeds, passwords, calendars, boards (kanban-style organization tool), bookmarks, and many other apps, more than what I can write here.

You can even install a mail app to access your emails using Nextcloud. Nextcloud gives you opportunity to access all those in one place and unlike Google and other proprietary software providers, it’s you that is in control.


As I said, by connecting it to internet or simply installing it on an online server (if you don’t want to use current providers), you can have access to your files and other stuff online, anywhere, anytime. There’s also apps for almost every operating system. No matter you use GNU/Linux, BSD, Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, etc. there’s an app for you to sync everything. You can have your contacts synced, check your notes, access your files, listen to music, add a bookmark, or read news all with Nextcloud apps. There’s an app for anything.

Nextcloud Contacts app (online view)
Nextcloud Contacts app (online view)

You can even have a website published using Nextcloud. Pico CMS is a Nextcloud app to create simple, secure, shareable and amazingly powerful websites with just a few clicks and if you don’t want a website, simply join the fediverse. You can share your thoughts using Nextcloud Social app.


Nextcloud is much more powerful than Google cloud apps. You can have a cloud service that only has the apps you want, nothing more, nothing less. You control the storage and nobody can close your account if they don’t like you.

With Nextcloud, it’s only you that is responsible and in control. Unlike Big Tech, Nextcloud is free software and puts you above anything else. With Nextcloud, you’re a human, not a product.

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