My opinions will change, and it’s good

Lately, I see many people argue with each other about how people had different opinions in the past and now they have changed. Some people think that because some people had different opinions in the past, they do not have the right to comment on current issues or on the subjects they have changed their ideas about.

This is wrong. People change and that’s a good thing. In fact, if our ideas don’t change then we should check them. It wasn’t long ago that some racist people protested against a black child going to an all-white school. If one of those people comes to a Black Lives Matter protest and fights for black people, should we stop it?

Of course not. People change their opinions. It’s the beauty of an independent person and mind. Of course I believe people should be punished for wrongs they did but that doesn’t mean goods they do are worthless.

A lot of people around the world are under the influence of propaganda and false/fake news. Many still think borders, sexuality, race, skin color, etc. can separate us. It’s not people’s fault as it’s the governments/regimes that do this. What we should fight is propaganda itself. Governments have benefits in separating people and that’s exactly what we should fight.

If they kill us they won’t have any power over us. What they are afraid of is our belief and independence of thoughts. They separate us because they know if we share this independent thoughts, they won’t survive. They separate us because they know together we’re stronger.

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