Freedom of thought is more important that freedom of software

It’s been quite some time that I’m active in promoting software freedom and free culture movement. In all these years that I’ve been active, I saw many people that use free software because they are excited about it. They are trying something new (for them) and they are interested in finding every aspect of it.

However, when I talk about software freedom to somebody and that person decides to immediately delete his Google (and other proprietary) accounts, services, and programs, I ask for patience and tell that person to not hurry. I tell those who make emotional and hurried decisions not to move fast and to move forward step by step with patience.

I believe, freedom of thought is much more important than using free software.

A free-thinking person makes decisions not out of temporary feelings but out of study and awareness. That person weighs the consequences of each action and chooses tools not on the basis of emotion, but on the basis of its long-term impact on himself and society.

A free-thinking person cares about free software because that person is deeply aware of his rights and responsibilities.

Instant decisions often lead to short-term use and boredom, while informing people and giving freedom of thought to people leads to the right choice and development of software and culture freedom movement.

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