Apple is not a privacy hero

Many people believe Apple is a privacy hero. It’s surprising that a lot of people believe Apple really respects their privacy. For years, Apple has advertised about how it respects users and cares about their privacy and many people fell for their lie.

Apple is simply one of the worst companies when it comes to respecting people and users privacy. Apple doesn’t encrypt your data and when it does, it has full control over encrypted data and decrypts whatever it wants, but that’s not even the case.

Apple tracks users, collects personal information, stores sensitive and personal data, gives away every data it wants, targets people with advertisements and even uses human workers to listen to people’s conversations with Siri sound recordings.

Apple is no better than Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. What Apple does, is the same as what Google does but Apple does it in a fancy way and falsely advertises about its fake privacy practices.

Every Apple device and service is a violation of people’s privacy. Don’t listen to those who are hardcore Apple fans and want to reduce Apple’s privacy violation to service providing. Apple and every other major company can deliver service without tracking and storing people’s data.

Yes, to get maps and routes working, the device needs to track your location but the service provider doesn’t need to store this location data. If Apple respects people’s privacy, then it should stop storing data, or at least, at least store data anonymously without any piece of data that can be used to identify an individual personally.

There are ways to avoid Apple and Google. We can still buy phones that has no Google or other trackers in it or we can simply install custom Android distributions ourselves. Some like Replicant and LineageOS are freedom-respecting and privacy-focused.

Remember, Apple is no better than Google or other companies. Respect yourself and avoid it.

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