My favorite social network

Few days ago I found honk, my favorite social network. Taking a look at it, it’s just perfect, the way I want all social networks to be.

It’s federated with ActivityPub protocol, has no likes, no faves, no polls, no stars, no claps, no counts. There’s no attention mining in it and it just works to connect people’s postings and thoughts and create a community.

It’s theme and look/feeling may be not desirable and beautiful but since it’s free software, you surely can change its user interface. I’m pretty positive that the original developers will accept contributions to the user interface and/or user experience of it.

The honk mission is to work well with minimal setup and support costs. It’s to spend more time using the software and less time operating it. It currently works well as intended. It’s multi-user, supports many features, and is my favorite social network now. It’s exactly how I wanted social networks to be since years ago.

The developers have a sense of humor too, you know by reading their documentation and intro/README texts, but I hope the whole project is not a joke and they are like-minded people.

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