Good listener

Lately, I’ve been hearing from my friends that I’m a good listener. That was surprising to me as I always try to keep up with chats and add to conversations, I never try to listen, I always try to add something. But, I came to realization that I’m a good a listener; good listener unconsciously.

I was listening to a repairman, who I was selling some electronic parts to, and he had a riveting story and I was fascinated by it. Then suddenly something hit me. I was listening to it without adding a word or interrupting him. I was a good listener to his story.

I listened to him without realizing how much time has passed and I didn’t even think about anything else. Didn’t try to convince him I know about anything, didn’t try to talk about similar situations I’ve experienced, and didn’t try to make a conversation. I just enjoyed his story, effortlessly.

I realized I’m a good listener because I love a good story. I can sit and listen to you for hours when you catch my attention with a compelling story.

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