Bloomberg has reported that Facebook is again being sued for allegedly spying on Instagram users, this time through the unauthorized use of their mobile phone cameras.

The lawsuit springs from media reports in July that the photo-sharing app appeared to be accessing iPhone cameras even when they weren’t actively being used.

Facebook denied the reports and blamed a bug, which it said it was correcting, for triggering what it described as false notifications that Instagram was accessing iPhone cameras.

n the complaint filed Thursday in federal court in San Francisco, New Jersey Instagram user Brittany Conditi contends the app’s use of the camera is intentional and done for the purpose of collecting “lucrative and valuable data on its users that it would not otherwise have access to.”

By “obtaining extremely private and intimate personal data on their users, including in the privacy of their own homes,” Instagram and Facebook are able to collect “valuable insights and market research,” according to the complaint.

According to the London-based Iran International, the three minors — Hadi Rostami, Mehdi Sharafian and Mehdi Shahivand — lost their appeals in the Iranian Supreme Court this week and were subsequently ordered to have four fingers severed from their right hands. The boys were initially tried last November on charges of four counts of robbery in the northern city of Urmia and have remained behind bars ever since.

It is unclear when the judicial measure will be carried out, and authorities have not issued any further details about the extent or nature of their crimes. However, the Judiciary Media Center denied the news about the execution of the sentence of amputating the fingers of three children for theft.

It is not clear from this text that only their childhood was denied or that the execution order was denied. In any case, the sentence issued cannot be denied because the defendants were notified in 2019 and the news today was that the sentence was sent for execution of the sentence.

A June report released by the Iran Human Rights Monitor (IRM) underscored that Rostami, Sharafian and Shahivand claimed that they were forced to confess under torture, and one of the prisoners — Rostami — was in a dire health condition in the Central Prison of Urmia and had cut his wrists in protest of the upholding of his sentence earlier this year.

According to statistics collected by the Boroumand Foundation over the years, at least 174 amputations of the hand/finger have been carried out in the last 29 years in Iran. Undoubtedly, this statistic does not include all cases of execution of this sentence because many of these sentences are not officially announced and the actual amount of execution is more than this number.

Victims of hand/finger amputation punishments face many problems in life, and this sentence is extremely unjust, inhuman and inaccurate. Such punishments must be stopped because there is no justice in them and this act is very inhumane and contrary to human rights.

Sadly, the number rises when we collect data from other countries such as Saudi Arabia, which has a terrible situation and place when in comes to respecting humans and human rights.

DuckDuckGo, the privacy-focused search engine, announced that August 2020 ended in over 2 billion total searches via its search platform.

While Google remains the most popular search engine, DuckDuckGo has gained a great deal of traction in recent months as more and more users have begun to value their privacy on the internet.

DuckDuckGo saw over 2 billion searches and 4 million app/extension installations, and the company also said that they have over 65 million active users. DuckDuckGo could shatter its old traffic record if the same growth trend continues.

Even though DuckDuckGo is growing rapidly, it still controls less than 2 percent of all search volume in the United States. However, DuckDuckGo’s growth trend has continued throughout the year, mainly due to Google and other companies’ privacy scandal.

While ago, Navid Afkari, an Iranian held in prison with death sentence accused of murder, got executed which many human rights and social activists believe the death sentence for murder was unfair and he was executed with no evidence.

Now, two of his brothers are still in prison with charges of assisting in murder. In a released voice recording of Navid, he told that he and his brothers were tortured a lot and forced to confess against each other. Now, social activists are concerned that the two other brothers face an end similar to their executed brother.

There was no evidence shown to public that proves the guilt of Afkari brothers. The only evidence was their own confession which they claim was under torture and in this case, the confession is worthless. Torture is inhumane and execution is against human rights.

I believe the killer should be punished but with a proper humanly punishment not execution. Whoever killed the murdered person in this case, or assisted in the murder, should be arrested and punished with no doubt but the arrest should be with proper evidence and there shouldn’t be any death sentence, not in this case nor any other. No person should lose its life because of past mistakes.

It’s very sad to see UAE, an Arab country, signed a relationship normalization contract. It’s sad to see an Arabic country is trying to make relationship with an apartheid, racist, and human rights-violator state such as Israel instead of helping Palestinians taking back their rightful land.

I always support peace and I am against killing people, no matter what the situation is, but this contract only powers Israel to put more force on Palestinians. Israel has shown world that it doesn’t want nor tolerates an Palestinian country/state where Palestinians and people are in power, no matter what their religion is.

It wasn’t long ago that Israel publicly announced that it’s a Jewish state and showed how it supports fascism and apartheid and violates human rights.

It’s a really sad day for Palestinians and all humans, as we are one step close to more murder of Palestinians. UAE, Bahrain, USA, and Israel are four sides of this contract. They should be ashamed.

Google has a long history of helping and obeying governments for benefit. For example, Google planned to help China to censor the internet. Now, there’s a report from Quartz that says Google Maps Street View blurred “fight for freedom” and “democracy” graffiti in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Free Press (HKFP) first reported yesterday two separate instances of graffiti that had been blurred out. One read “[Chinese leader] Xi Jinping must die for the sake of the world,” and another read “liberate Hong Kong, revolution of our time,” a protest slogan that authorities have since banned under the new national security law. Both spray-painted slogans are revealed if viewed from a distance.

A Google representative told HKFP that the blurring was due to an algorithm error in its automatic blurring technology typically used to obscure faces and vehicle license plates, but did not provide further details. As of today, the two slogans remain blurred.

The Chief Justice of Massachusetts ordered a study of patterns of sentencing, and it found clear evidence of racial bias. Since the study controlled for other pertinent variables, there is no doubt about the conclusion: sentencing in Massachusetts is subject to systemic racism.

That the study was ordered by the state’s highest judge gives me hope it will lead to considered action to reduce the injustice.

Mehdi Mahmoudian, a social activist, announced on his Twitter page, quoting the Afkari family, that Navid Afkari had been executed this morning.

Navid was an Iranian wrestler who had been sentenced to death by the Government of Iran for taking part in the 2018 Iranian protests. His brothers Vahid and Habib were sentenced to 54 and 27 years in prison in the same case.

He repeatedly told his family and media that all his confessions were under torture and none of them were true.

Today we commemorate the September 11 attacks, which killed President Allende of Chile and installed Pinochet’s murderous military dictatorship. More than 3,000 dissidents were killed or “disappeared” by the Pinochet regime. The USA operated a destabilization campaign in Chile, and the 1973 September 11 attacks were part of that campaign.

Henry Kissinger, subsequently Hillary Clinton’s mentor, was behind this as well as many other atrocities. Chilean army officers have been convicted of murdering singer Victor Jara a few days after the 1973 coup against President Allende. That was after torturing him first.