Fediverse Party

Happy 12th birthday fediverse!

On this day, twelve years ago, Mr. Evan Prodromou published his first post on Identi.ca. Although that project now belongs to history, Fediverse lives on and by year 2020 it has become an incredibly creative, colorful and cozy place, with the potential to attract even more good people.

Let’s talk about the fediverse.

Fediverse is a ensemble of federated servers that are used for web publishing and file hosting. Each server is hosted and managed individually but they all are connected to each other. A good example of a fediverse service, is Mastodon social network. No matter what instance (server) you’re on, you can connect to other people.

Take a look at your email messages. Fediverse works just like email. For example, Mr. X has an email on example.com. He is themrx@example.com, he can send message to me, alireza@hayati.xyz. There’s no need for us to be on the same server to receive each other’s messages.

Fediverse is also like that. I can be @arh@hayati.xyz on Mastodon and you, @themrx@example.com can follow me, mention me, or send me files.

However, Mastodon is one of the fediverse services. There’s a lot of services available on fediverse.

You can find almost any service on fediverse right now and the good thing is that most of them are free software. For example, Pixelfed is photo sharing service (like Instagram) that is free software and federated.

I talked about Nextcloud before. Nextcloud is another service that is compatible with fediverse. Some other services that are federated are Fuckwhale for music listening and sharing, Peertube for watching and uploading videos, Write.as and Plume for blogging, and XMPP and Matrix for messaging.

How to Join

There’s a lot of services you can join. I list some of them here.

Social Networking

Photo, Music, & Video Networking


If you need help to find any service or using them, feel free to contact me.

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