Some people in United States have taken down some statues of slave owners and so-called masters in Washington, D.C. and some other cities. I believe there’s no any good point in having them. Protesters have set them on fire and I’m really glad this happened as it can be a symbol of people’s anger about racism and racist people.

I also believe nobody should harm a racist person and the only good way is to talk to them and educate them and if it wasn’t enough, then leaving them. If they have no harm, then leaving them is not a bad idea. However, harm is not only physical. If a person harms another person, it should be punished, of course in a proper way.

We should respect human liberties and rights no matter people are offensive or harmful to us. Punishment is not against human rights but we should not punish people in a way that it violates their rights or it insult humanity.

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