Yesterday, Chris “Muesli” asked an interesting question that I thought can be a good blog post. If we were in power, what rules would be write?

You are to be born in 24 hours. You are also to write all the rules that will govern the society in which you will live. However, you do not know if you will be born bright or retarded, black or white, male or female, rich or poor, able or disabled.

How would you write the rules?


I would make slavery, in any way, illegal. Equality between people and justice for all would be my first rule. I would free all people around the world who are imprisoned because of their belief.

I would limit blue pigs and give people power to defend themselves from their rights being violated. I also would make military activity illegal except for the government of the earth which is made by people for the people.

I would make execution illegal except for very sensitive and important items that are really needed, unfortunately. I would make fascism in illegal in any way.

I would make privacy laws very strict. I would make spying strictly illegal. I would make local governments considered as people’s servants (not as slaves but people who service people) and governmental jobs at lower income than other jobs and I also would give less power to governors. I believe this can make governmental jobs less interesting for people who seek power.

About software, I wouldn’t force companies to publish their software free (as in freedom). However, I would force schools and universities to teach people about their digital rights.

I would rule companies to stop collecting personal information of people and purge all data they stored. I also would force all publicly-owned centers (like governments and companies) to use only software libre.

What would you do if you got to rule people?

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