A man was in a hurry. He was going to buy some groceries and then heading to his office. Putting his car in reverse after buying the groceries, he gets distracted by the loud music that suddenly starts to play in the car.

While going in reverse, he hits a delivery guy’s motorcycle and breaks a part of it. He gets out of his car and apologizes to the delivery guy. He also asks how much does it cost to replace the broken part. Delivery guy says it’ll be twenty bucks.

He gives the guy the money and goes to work. When he comes back home at night, his wife asks him if he had an accident today. He, surprised that his wife knows, tells her yes, and explains how he hit a motorcycle.

His wife tells him that a guy came to the house. The guy told the wife that he found the address asking the grocery store. He gave 5 bucks back to the wife telling her that the broken piece took only 15 dollars to repair and he came by to give back the 5 bucks he received more.

The story brought back my faith in humanity.

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