One of the things I have problem with in software libre communities is that a lot of older or more experienced folks have a really violent behavior in confronting with criticism of their ways. I see a lot of experienced people in software libre communities, specially GNU and FSF mailing lists, that support the movement and have some logical reasons for their actions but the way they express them only makes people keep their distance from softwarer libre and its communities.

One of the reasons that proprietary software are dominating the world is that many of these companies/software have a really nice way of treating people. Many users forget their digital freedoms and rights because they see (at least ostensibly) that they are treated with respect.

In the last few days I’ve seen at least three unnecessary insults and violence in FSF and GNU communities. I and some other people mentioned that such behavior only makes people keep their distance from us.

Some people forget that our self-assigned mission and goal is to bring knowledge about users’ freedom and rights to people and not all people are technical or experienced about computers. If we’re going to criticize people who have less experience or knowledge about computers or software, then all we did till now is worthless.

If software libre is only for software developers and programmers then we should rephrase it to something that shows the goal. Software libre is not only for programmers. It’s for everybody. Software libre is to bring users freedom. We should repeat it frequently to remind it to advocates.

You don’t need to understand code or every matter in computers to support software libre. If you care for software freedom and digital rights, you have every right to talk, express opinions, act, and be active in software libre communities and nobody can stop you.