Praise be to God

His son was in hospital after a car crash, injured and in critical condition. Doctors said there’s low chance that he survives. He couldn’t tolerate seeing him so he went outside and waited for an answer. His wife and other son came, loudly crying, and delivered the sad news to him. His son died. The car crash was too severe for the son to make it alive. He shed a tear and whispered “praise be to God.”

His wife cried more loudly and started hitting him angrily and asked him “your son died and you’re thanking God?” He replied “God is with us all the time. He gave me my son and he took him away. I thank him for good and bad. I’m his servant and he is my loving lord. Praise be to God for everything, not only in happiness, but also in sadness.”

Whether you believe in God or not, that’s a beautiful story.

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